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A Summer of Events to Support Cycle Culture

April 05, 2016

Part of what excites us about being an Urban Bicycle shop is helping to grow cycling culture in New Zealand.  However, the term "Cycle Culture" is somewhat a misnomer. I say this because the culture is not directly about cycling, but is about all the things that become easier and possible when you travel by bike.

When we drive the journey becomes a necessary chore. it becomes about getting there. We miss all the people, the sights and the smells along the way. When we cycle, we stop to say hi to a friend, we pause to take in the fresh sea breeze on the waterfront. The journey becomes a part of our life and not an exception to our life. We try to create and collaborate on events which remind us of these small joys that are much easier experienced by bike.

During this past summer we've held some great events. Starting out with our Need for Tweed ride in November, our in-store music showcases with bands like Eb & Sparrow and Orchestra of Spheres, Bicycle Powered Cinema at Cuba Dupa and our Fringe festival performance "The Lucid Dreambike"

No event better represented the idea of cycle culture than the Lucid Dreambike. Dreambike was a starlit tour of the city with performances along the way.  The idea was not to have 3 different shows at 3 locations in the city but instead to create a fluid show that could pop up on any street corner along the journey, exemplifying the idea that the journey is the destination. We had many of Wellington's creative community collaborate with us in this performance and it brought a lot of people together with cycling as the catalyst.

Soon our music nights start up and we will start working on a new lineup of seasonal events.  If you have an event idea to further our cycling culture or you would like to help or collaborate then get in touch!


The Lucid Dreambike - Wellington 12th and 13th February 2016 from Bicycle Junction on Vimeo.