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Molenberg's Pop-Up Sandwich Bike

May 20, 2016

Pop Up Now contacted us in February with a client who needed a vending bike shipped to them within days of first contact. The client was Molenberg's Pop-up store, and their need for the bike was urgent (as urgent as a sandwich-vending bike can be, anyway). We acted quickly and selected the Christiania Commercial as the most suitable bike for their project, and had it shipped to them promptly. We got the initial message on Wednesday and the bike was on the truck on Friday. 

Pop Up Now gave it a custom blue finish and built a vending module to go on the tray. The finished product looked amazing - all it needed was a coil sprung Brooks saddle to finish the look.  

The clients and their customers loved the bike, and it really helped to make their six-week pop-up store a success. If this is the kind of thing that could add an aspect of fun, customer engagement and difference to your business, don't hesitate to get in touch. There is a great range of cargo-bikes available on our website and they're great for different kinds of personal and commercial use including vending bikes, coffee-carts, mobile businesses and family supermarket trips!

Check out Pop Up Now's website here