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The Bicycle Festival of Lights and Motion

June 04, 2016

In an effort to make the Wellington winter a little less cold and dark, we're occupying a 300 square metre space within the Clyde Quay Apartments on the Wellington waterfront for a month-long exploratory bicycle laboratory project. From the 17th of June until the 15th of July we'll be there creating seven otherworldly bicycle floats that will be exhibited in a glowing bicycle parade across the waterfront on Friday July 15th.


We're meeting on Clyde Quay Wharf at 6.30pm for a 7pm take-off, and the parade will head across the waterfront and finish at the TSB Arena. This is a completely participatory event - we invite anyone to dress up their bikes and join in on the parade! Are you in a marching band? Slam some LEDs on your marching drum and join in. The seven feature floats we have created over the past month are starting to take shape and we can't wait to exhibit them! Go here for postponement details if the weather packs it in - otherwise see you at the waterfront this Friday at 7pm! 



We're joining forces with multiple businesses, schools and artists to make this a memorable midwinter collaborative community event. We want people of all ages to come down to the lab and help in any way they can - paper mache, welding, decorating, providing materials, wiring LEDs - basically just getting their hands dirty in any way possible. We want these bicycle floats to look glorious! If you're interested in helping out or just want to know more information, send us an email or drop by our shop on Riddiford Street. 

Thanks so much to our wonderful sponsors!