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February 05, 2019 4 min read

It's been a busy summer here at the bikery and we've had a great time getting all sorts of folks on all sorts of bicycles. But this time of year, as kiddos head back to school, is especially near and dear to our hearts as it is the best time of year to help more families go together by bike. We're happy to lead the charge here in New Zealand in our efforts to get families of all shapes and sizes get set up on cargo bikes that suit their exact needs. Best of all, for 2019 we have a heap of great cargo bikes available in the shop that have been a long time coming. It's our best lineup yet, to help your family make the most of the rest of this beautiful summer!

Our Cargo Bikes:

Yuba (Electric) Supermarche

The Yuba Supermarche has long been one of our favorite front-loader cargo bikes on the street. With its incredible carrying capacity, handy rear rack system, and unique cable-driven steering system the Super has been getting folks around in style for a while now. Naturally, we were thrilled when we heard that Yuba would be releasing a dedicated electric version which has now hit our store. Whether you go electric assisted, or fully leg-powered these bikes are definitely worth a spin.

Check out the Electric Supermarche>>

Tern GSD

Talk about the most versatile bike in the bunch. This "compact" cargo bike blew us away from go with its staggering carrying capacity, hauling along as much as many full-sized competitors. Best of all, its clever rear rack allows the bike to be stored vertically meaning this cargo hauler doesn't need to take up precious floor space in our compact city. Oh, and don't forget about the massive adjustability (fitting mom and dad equally as well), or the powerful Bosch motor (that can link up two batteries), or the low center of gravity that makes riding stable and fun even when fully laden.

Check out the Tern GSD>>

 Benno Ejoy

If you only have one kiddo to haul along for the ride, you'll have to come take the Ejoy out for a spin. When you're aboard it rides like a happy-go-lucky beach cruiser, but don't let that fool you, this bike packs plenty of punch. It has cargo capacity for a child carrier, the day's shopping, and your work bag with room to spare. Plus, the Bosch Active Line motor provides plenty of pep for that hill on the way home.

Check out the Benno Ejoy>>

Yuba Spicy Curry

The Spicy Curry has become a bit of a legend in these parts. In many ways, it has set the standard for family cargo bikes. The low rear end means it can be easily loaded up with 2-3 children, with plenty of extra capacity in the front basket. Fear not about overloading though, the integrated Bosch CX motor is the best on the market for zipping heavy loads up big hills.

Check out the Spicy Curry>>

Benno Boost

The Benno Boost is the cargo bike built for bike lovers, each part chosen carefully to put a big ol' smile on your face every time you ride it. We've set up plenty of folks on these bikes who just want a great electric commuter because of how beautifully they ride. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, the Boost has plenty of capacity to haul a child-carrier and pannier bags besides.

Check out the Boost>>

Yuba Boda Boda

The Electric Boda Boda may be the new kid on the block, but we've been excited about seeing these bikes for ages. Building off the platform of their venerable classic Boda, it keeps the great cargo capacity and adds a killer Shimano Steps motor system. Ideal for one-child families the Boda walks a fine line between electric commuter, beach cruiser, and full-bore cargo machine.

Check out the Boda Boda>>

Key Accessories:

Child Carriers

Likely your first concern when you begin researching family cargo bikes will be "How will my kids fit on this?". And, that's with good reason. Our first priority is always making sure you and your children can ride comfortably, and safely every day. We carry great classic child carriers from Yepp that clip on and off of our cargo bikes in a snap. But that's just the beginning, once the kiddos outgrow classic carriers you'll have plenty of options with padded seats, running boards, and hold-on bars.

Our Child Carriers>>

Cargo Baskets

For many families, the primary cargo area on their bike is taken up entirely by the kiddos. So, all of our cargo bikes have options to add additional storage in the form of cargo baskets. Normally these sit out in front and provide a great place to store your work bag and the day's shopping. Cargo baskets are the key to truly having a bike that can replace your car.

The Benno Utility Tray>>

The Yuba Bread Basket>>

Pannier Bags

Side-slung pannier bags are far from a commuter-only accessory. In fact, most of the cargo bikes that we set up include some. They provide a great, water-proof way to carry around valuable goods and can drastically increase your cargo capacity. You can add some of our smaller bags from Ortlieb for a bit of extra space, or take a look at the cargo-specific offerings from Yuba and Benno to maximize your bike's capacity.

Our Bags>>


The humble kickstand, given short-shrift in so many bike shops these days, but not here. We know how important it is to be able to safely and easily load your bike up. Wiggly kids and bags of groceries are no problem for our robust, reinforced stands. For many of our cargo bikes, you'll be able to choose between a sturdy side stand that lets the bike lean slightly to one side or a dual stand that holds your bike straight up for maximum stability.

Our Kickstands>>

We've been working for a long time to put together such a great collection of cargo bikes and accessories that were made for families because it's what we love. Every time a family decides to go by bike is a win in our book. We are excited to chat with you about the best way to get your family set up. So come on down to the bikery, grab a coffee and let's chat all things cargo!

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