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Benno RemiDemi eBike Review

November 23, 2021

The Benno RemiDemi is a bike we've been very excited to get in ever since we saw it Eurobike a few years ago, back before it had a name. It marks a further step towards bikes becoming more utilitarian and transport oriented, rather than just being designed for sport. The core ideas that have influenced this bike's design are fun and practicality, both of which are right up our alley. Read the full review below to see how we found this bike and how it compares to the rest of our commuter and cargo oriented fleet of electric bikes.



The RemiDemi is a Utility bike made for commuting, running errands, sunny day cruising or any road based use really. Its design references from the form of Vespa Scooters, making this bike friendly looking and approachable for non-cyclists to hop on and take for a spin. This design also allows this bike to fit people with a range of different heights, due to its upright position. The front frame mounts let you fit a big rack basket, making it easy to carry heaps of stuff whether you've got groceries, a big backpack or a watermelon. You can also carry an additional 30 kg load on the rear of the bike, making this bike very capable for carrying cargo.



As you could have guessed, this bike doesn't handle like any old bike. The super fat 4.25" tyres on the relatively small 20" rims, combined with the Bosch Performance Line Sport Motor system and the oversized steel frame make this bike incredibly solid and planted on the ground. The RemiDemi is very stable and tracks the ground very well even on rougher surfaces, and is happy to eat up curbs without any fuss. It's comfortable, upright riding position also make it a very chill bike to handle, and make it a joy to ride.



The most special part about this bike has to be the frame design. It's instantly recognisable and a true one of a kind, due to the integrated rear rack design and the creative reinforcing on the down-tube. It comes in four great colours including the Turmeric Yellow pictured, which along with the huge tyres makes this one of the most iconic bikes we've had in store. Its small wheels and fat tyres combined with the solid steel tubing make it a bike that has a very fun yet stable ride feel. Its ability to take on more serious cargo tasks than your regular ebike also make this bike different.

Being a Benno, it's compatible with their Etility Design range of accessories including the front rack pictured here. On top of this, it comes with all your basics such as lights and fenders, making it commuter ready as soon as you pick it up. It even has a MIK mount built into the rear rack, making attaching and removing compatible kids seats and baskets extremely easy. All of these add up to create a bike that is not only fun but also extremely versatile.


The rear triangle of this bike isn't actually a triangle, but instead takes a boxy form to create a platform for your MIK accessories.

The Front Tray Basket is one of the many Benno front racks that are compatible with mounting points found on the RemiDemi.



The Benno RemiDemi is a bike that's suitable for many riders needs and offers more practicality than many of its other rivals. The Bosch Performance Line Sport motor offers very natural, pedal assisted power through the drivetrain, and will support you up to 45km/h for speedy riding. However due to the different riding characteristics and aesthetics of this bike, it's definitely not for everyone. We recommend that if you like the look of it, pop down to the bikery and take it for a spin. Once you get used to it's charming quirks, it's an extremely fun bike to ride and we think that it's a great option for many Wellingtonians. It's also currently our only high speed Utility bike, so if this is the style of bike you're after, we'd definitely recommend coming by to have a look at it. If you're wanting a bike that offers similar cargo capability but is a little more traditional, then have a look at the Benno eJoy. If you're wanting the ability to carry even more cargo on the back but still has similar aesthetics, then have a look at the Benno Boost E. Thanks for reading!