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Bicycle Junction at Beervana

August 24, 2016

Everyone knows that nothing goes down better after a long day on your bike than an ice cold beer, so when Beervana asked us to be part of their event this year we jumped at the chance.

We decorated the main stage with a bicycle powered installation that lit up the musicians as spectators pedalled our Linus generator bikes.  With 60 breweries serving over 300 different brews, it really was a beer fan's heaven - and it was great to be there with our bikes providing something different and interactive. 

Beervana is set in the Westpac stadium concourse, so as the day progresses festivalgoers walk in a large loop trying the many different craft beers from the countrys best brewers and food from some of the citys best restaurants. Beervana has grown to an event of national and international recognition with a whopping 12,000 people attending this year.

We love being involved with events like this  as we're able to introduce people to the wonderful things that are possible by bike. We're able to get people thinking about different transport options, and we're able to talk to the type of people who wouldn't normally consider cycling as an option for carting beer kegs around! 

We take community engagement seriously and are very thankful for the good people at Beervana for having us down there doing our thing!