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Bike Rave - SynchronousCity - Dec 12th

November 19, 2020

BIKE RAVE WELLINGTON from Martin Le Breton on Vimeo.

It’s going to be a big one! The biggest yet in fact, in Wellington’s long and rich history of raves on bikes.



In celebration of celebration (and bikes (and raves)) we’re inviting you to beg, build or borrow a two-wheeled human-powered contraption and join us on Wellington’s streets.


There’ll be tall bikes, short bikes, long bikes, Chaise Longue bikes, silly bikes, stupid bikes, smart bikes. There’ll be lights and fluorescence and outrageousness galore, on bikes!


Flying in from a nearby solar system will be MC Spyder and DJ Freek, spinning spokes and tunes for the bike raving masses.


Praise be to the glory of technology, we can now create a synchronous parade of wheel-bound ravers. Bring your megabooms, boomboxes, soundsystems, connect to the playlist and the rest is history future!  See here

Lets fill the city with sound! 

Sat 12th December - 9pm

Stadium Concourse