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Covid 19 Response

March 18, 2020


What will Lockdown Level 3 mean for Bicycle Junction?


Our workshop will be open to the public for contactless drop off and collection. You must use the online booking form here to make a booking. Our workshop will then be in touch with you to arrange a drop-off time.  Your bike will be washed and sanitized both before and after it has been worked on. Once your bike has been assessed we will call you with an estimate before going ahead with the service. We will send you an invoice for payment prior to collection at an agreed time.

For full details of how this will work and how you and our staff can stay safe please see our plan here.


While our physical store will not be open to the public we will be open for contactless sales. This includes:

  • Online Sales for delivery by courier, including fully assembled bikes nationwide.
  • Online sales for Click & Collect
  • Sales by email and phone.

Our full catalog of products will be available to order. For those interested in bikes  extended test rides or contactless delivery of 24hr rentals will be available by appointment. Please email us for information.

For full information and FAQ's about our shops opening hours and procedures please see HERE


Our Cafe will be closed during Alert level 3. We look forward to reopening under Alert level 2.


***UPDATE 30 March***

Essential goods registration details

MBIE has confirmed to us today that our workshop falls under the Transport category of the Essential Services list. For that reason we can service bikes for essential workers who rely on their bikes for transport and who need urgent repair. Please note this applies to bikes solely for the purposes of transport to and from essential workplaces where the repair is both urgent and necessary. We may also sell Essential Goods online. You can find these products on our main shop menu.

Essential repairs during Alert Level 4.

We are only be able to help you during the lock-down period if you:

(1) are an essential worker (according to government advice) who is continuing to work during the lock-down period; and

(2) have no other practicable transport options to get to work.

If you do not meet both of these criteria, we will still be happy to help you, but only after the lock-down period ends.

If you do meet the criteria, please make a booking online here

We will respond with instructions to deliver your bicycle directly to our off-site workshop during the hours of 9am-12pm Monday-Friday. You will need to phone the workshop on (04)3893893  so that we can give you instructions for leaving your bike in the laneway adjacent. After your departure, we will spray your bike down with sterilising solution, and then bring it into our workshop. We will phone you once we have inspected the bike to discuss the work required. Once the work is completed, we will phone you to arrange collection. The bike will be sprayed down with sterilising solution upon leaving our workshop."

We may also supply necessary safety items such as lights, locks and helmets. These can be bought from our online store and dispatched by courier. For any item not on this list we can deliver these at the conclusion of the lockdown period.

We take this very seriously and we ask that you consider whether your repair is indeed both urgent and necessary and fits the above criteria before requesting service.


***Update - 23 March***

The Prime Minister has upgraded the Covid19 alert level to level 3.  At 11:59 pm on Wednesday the Alert level will rise to Level 4 and the country will be in lockdown, excepting those who are providing essential services, and the businesses that support them.

Level 4

For those of you who will continue to work because you are providing an essential service according to the official essential services list, we may be able support you with repairs by appointment only.  Please email us at if you wish to request parts or servicing for the purpose of getting to work. Please note this is ONLY for people engaged in essential business who have URGENT and NECESSARY repairs for them to be able to get to work. This means if you have a car, another bike or are within walking distance of your workplace we cannot help you. 

If you do have an urgent and necessary repair we will have a "no-touch" drop off system allowing bikes to be thoroughly disinfected following drop-off and again prior to collection.  We will only have one employee with access to the workshop to ensure isolation is maintained. Payment for these services can be made by bank transfer prior to collection. We will then leave your bike out and locked for collection and we will send you a text with the lock code.

We ask that you book online, here.

For the full list of Essential Services please follow this link. 

Essential businesses, and those that support them, will continue to provide the necessities of life for everyone in New Zealand.

Any entity providing services to keep vehicles operational for essential work purposes (eg vehicle testing, mechanics, tyre services)


Level 3

Bicycle Junction will have the following open hours up until lockdown

Tuesday 24th -  8am to 7pm

Wednesday 25th - 8am - 7pm

We will be open for sales of bikes and parts to ensure you have a safe and efficient transport solution during the lockdown. We ask that you come purposefully for specific items and limit your time spent in store or near others. Calling us or emailing us with your questions prior to coming down will help us limit close interaction and enable us to space out visiting customers into time-slots. As per our response-plan below all bikes will be thoroughly sanitised between test rides.  Please do not come to browse. We will keep the appearance of a closed store so you may need to knock if you have purposeful business to conduct with us.

Our workshop will be completing currently booked servicing and fulfilment of pre-ordered bicycles. We are not accepting further repair bookings unless you require your bike to get to work as an essential service provider. Please email us to make a booking if this is the case using the link below.

The Cafe will be closed throughout the duration of levels 3 and 4.


-Bicycle Junction Team


***18 March***


New Zealand is bracing for the impact of Covid 19. Things are changing very quickly and so we're responding with a plan for how we can reduce the impact on our own community.

We believe cycling is a healthy activity that people will turn to in times like these. For those who continue to travel to work it is a better and safer solution than either driving a car or taking public transport. It also offers a recreational activity that complies with social distancing measures while keeping you fit and positive.

For as long as we may, we will continue to service your bikes, offer bikes for sale and serve you that morning cup of coffee. To do so we will take additional measures to ensure we and you stay healthy, happy and rolling.

Bicycle Junction - Covid 19 Response Policy

Keeping ourselves safe and healthy

We come into contact with people every day. We need to limit personal contact and touching both in public and at work. We need to keep our environment and ourselves and our personal belongings clean and free of potential contaminant.

This means everyone should:

  • Wash hands with soap and water, or use hand sanitiser between every transaction
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, do so into a tissue or elbow, then wash hands immediately
  • Clean surfaces regularly and thoroughly, particularly touch points such as keypads, handles and seats with soap or sanitizer
  • Practice social distancing by standing at least two metres from people and avoiding touch or common touch points.
  • Avoid touching your face or eyes
  • If we develop cold or flu symptoms, or suspect we have been exposed to the virus, we will stay away from work, call Healthline, and get medical attention.


Keeping our customers safe and healthy

We need to keep our customers healthy and we would also like to reassure you that we are taking the necessary steps to keep you healthy. We will do this by diligence in cleaning and sanitising the shop and avoiding cross contamination.


  • Touch points. Handles, edges of doors, chair backs and sides, eftpos keypads, keyboards, light switches, counter edges, water bottles, tables. Any surface which is regularly touched will be wiped down with sanitiser thoroughly and frequently.
  • No Cash Payment - We will only accept payment by eftpos/PayWave.
  • We will wear gloves when preparing food and replace gloves frequently when switching tasks.
  • Encourage takeaway food and coffee during busier times in the cafe to encourage social distancing.


  • Touch Points. Grips, Seats, e-bike buttons, customer bikes will all be disinfected with sanitiser thoroughly and frequently.
  • Products - customers are encouraged to avoid touching products and instead ask us to show you. Look with your eyes, not your hands.
  • Test rides - All bikes will be disinfected before and after test-riding.
  • Helmets - No helmets will be offered for test rides. Customers are encouraged to bring their own
  • Offer hand sanitiser and hand wash facilities to customers.
  • Wash hands frequently and/or use sanitiser frequently
  • Minimise staffing in the shop, prioritise work that can be done offsite and questions that can be answered over the phone or by email.


  • Disinfect bikes at time of check in before inspection.
  • Sanitise bikes before and after working on them. Grips, Saddles, shifters, brake levers or any part of the bike that will be handled.
  • Clean and sanitise surfaces and touch points daily - door handles and frames, benches, buttons and switches and any other frequently touched items or places such as tools and shelving.
  • Wash hands regularly, particularly after receiving stock or working on bikes.
  • Maintain a minimum of 1m from coworkers
  • Maintain individual toolsets to avoid sharing of tools
  • Wear masks and goggles provided if you wish.

To minimise the amount of personal interaction in-store we encourage you to book your repairs online here. This way there are less details to discuss when you drop-off your bike. It also allows us to confirm the best date for drop-off and collection.

If you are looking to buy a bike you are of course welcome down at the store. We also have lots of information on our website about all the models and types we stock. We're available both on the phone and by email for any questions you have. Please book a time for a test ride, here.  Having these conversations before you come to the store will help reduce the time spent in close personal contact.

Further to these practical steps towards limiting transmission we will also be rolling out some other ways for you to test ride bikes or have your bike serviced by us over the coming days and weeks. Check in to to our social media or this page for updates.

In the meantime, stay safe, get outdoors and ride your bike and look after your families.

Bicycle Junction Team.