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January 28, 2021 3 min read


The deal.

Over three to four days your family can take some time to get to know a Cargobike, test out your day-to-day (minus the car), whilst boosting your confidence on two wheels. Try the school run, pick up groceries or ride out to your favourite beach for the ultimate day out by bike.

These trials will be running from Sunday to Wednesday, and Wednesday to Saturday at selected schools in the Wellington region. We will set the bike up for your family, allowing you to get a proper idea of what the bike would be like if you owned one and had it tailored to your needs.

The trial will be available to the parents of children attending the following schools:

  • Worser Bay School
  • Newtown School
  • Clyde Quay School
  • Ridgeway School
  • Adelaide Early Childhood Centre

If your school is not on the list above, register your interest on the sign up form and we will consider it for another round of the Cargobike trial.

Once you sign up to the trial, we will forward your details to the designated Cargo Champion at your school, who is in charge of a range of things. They will organise the roster for the trials, and coordinate the handover of bikes between parents as needed. They will also support with the fitting of any accessories to suit your family and will provide advice or answers to any questions you may have. We will also reach out directly to each participating family to answer any questions and provide advice on the use of the bike.

If you are lacking a bit of confidence on the bike, or are wanting some guidance around cycling in the city, we are also offering families participating in the trial the ability to partake in a Pedal Ready course. If you're interested, you can read more about it here.

The competition.

To be in the draw to win one of the Spicy Curry bikes being used in the trial we invite you to tell us your family story riding the cargobike (which you can do here), and provide photos and/or video of your time riding the bike. Entries close on Sunday 7th of March, 2021.

A panel will select the ten most inspiring stories to be put into the draw. One lucky family will win one of the Spicy Curry bikes from the trial. The nine runners-up will each receive a $200 voucher from Bicycle Junction. We will announce the winner of the competition at the 2021 Family Cargobike Picnic on the 14th of March, which you can find more information about here.

Bookings at each school will be limited so if you'd like to be involved sign-up as soon as you can.

Why try a Spicy Curry?

Fed up of the congestion at the school gates, sitting in traffic to get to work, and paying a small fortune for parking in the city? Every cargobike family will tell you that ditching four wheels for two has transformed their day-to-day lives for the better.

The Spicy Curry is the most popular cargo bike we sell, and for good reason. It rides just like a normal bike, and is strong enough to carry up to three children and all their stuff. It can replace your second car, and will leave you smiling in the process. The Bicycle Junction Family Cargobike Trial was created to offer more families in Wellington the chance to give the cargo lifestyle a go. 

At the conclusion of the trial, one of the Spicy Curry bikes will be awarded as the main prize and the other four will be available to any participating family at a 20% discount.

We've created a Spicy Curry user video which you can find here, which covers all the basics you'll need to know to before riding one of these bikes.

Interested? Sign up for the Family Cargobike Trial below, and we'll put you in touch with the Cargobike Champion from your school to organise your extended test ride.




 "My Yuba cargobike isn't my second car, it's my first car. It's my people mover, family wagon, work vehicle. Everything is just so much easier by bike. It brings smiles to peoples faces. And it's fun. It's a life changer. I'm lost without it"

Kirsten Macdonald, Cargobike whisperer. 




This trial is supported by the Greater Wellington Regional Council, who we thank for allowing us to make this happen.

If you have any questions, have a look at our Family Cargobike Trial FAQ's here, and if that still doesn't answer it, get in touch with us directly.

If you have already completed your Cargobike Trial and are looking for the form to enter the competition, you can find it here

Full Terms and Conditions for the competition can be found here.


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