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Linus Bikes Dealer, NZ

April 22, 2021

We're proud to be the the importer for Linus Bikes here in New Zealand, as we are big fans of the simplicity and aesthetics that their bikes offer urban cyclists. We've recently simplified our line up of Linus Bikes to make it easier for you to find what you're after. We have two electric offerings from Linus, as well as two regular push bikes, all of which are very capable for around town use. Below we'll include a brief description of these bikes, as well as some links for you to have a look at them on our website.


The Ember & Felix

We have been anticipating these two electric bikes from Linus for a long time and for good reason. Previously, we used to fit e-bike kits to regular Linus bikes, as we loved how the traditional styling of these bikes met with the practicality and convenience of electric. We no longer have to do this, as Linus have taken it upon themselves to build electric bikes from the ground up, which come with lots of benefits over the old converted models.

The Ember is the low step model and the Felix is the higher top tube model. These two electric bikes are great for commuters, coming with a Shimano mid-drive motor system, offering heaps of assistance for hills of all sizes. However, where these two models differ from our other affordable electric bikes is in their ability to carry larger loads. Both of these bikes can run a frame mounted front rack, allowing them to safely carry bigger loads upfront. These bikes also come with solid rear pannier racks, which are strong enough to carry a child on the back.

You can have a look at the Ember on our website here, and the Felix here.



The Dutchi & Roadster

In a similar way to the electric models, we carry two main models of the Linus push bikes. These are the Dutchi and the Roadster. The Dutchi is the step-through model, and the Roadster is the high top tube model. Beyond this, these bikes are also very similar. They are both built around a steel frame, offering a slick aesthetic as well as some compliance. They come with rear pannier racks for bags and baskets, as well as hub gearing, offering low maintence and simplicity for the rider. These bikes come in a range of sizes and a couple different price points, in which the main difference is the range of gears that they come with.

You can have a look at the Dutchi on our website here, and the Roadster here.