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July 22, 2019 5 min read

For years now we've been huge fans of our top-tier ebikes coming from Moustache, but recently we've had extra reason to celebrate as their venerable Samedi X-Road was recently named's top ebike for 2019. They pulled together a smattering of excellent offerings (including others we love like the Tern GSD, and Sinch Jaunt) and put them through the paces. The testers looked at motor systems, handling, finishing kits, and of course price. When all was said and done the Samedi X-Road came out on top!

Here's what they had to say about it:
"The Samedi X-Road 3 Open does everything: it’s at home in the city, commuting during the week, or on a rail trail at the weekend. 

Moustache says it was designed as an off-road bike that would work on roads, and we agree – the bike gave our riders a feeling of confidence, no matter the surface. Its power and balance when riding up hills and at slow speeds impressed us, while it was also stable and comfortable when speed increased.

The previous version of this bike we tested had motor assistance to an awkward 25 km/h. The Bosch motor in this, and all Moustache bike available in New Zealand, now assists pedalling up to 32km/h. It’s an increase our testers really appreciated.

The Moustache is excellent quality, with exemplary frame design and finishing. It has a wide 10-speed gear range and hydraulic brakes, a plush suspension fork, built-in lights, a full complement of mud and chain guards, and a rear rack. The Moustache feels like a highly versatile, high-end bike. If you can live with the motor speed limit, you won’t be disappointed." -Consumer.Org.Nz

Here's the thing though, there are quite a few Samedi X-Roads available in the world (including several sitting on our showroom floor right this second), so we wanted to put together a quick guide for finding your perfect Samedi.

The X-Road 3 looking handsome in an "open" mid-step variant.

Choosing A Build Kit:
We carry the Samedi X-Road with four different levels of build kit to suit your budget and build requirements. As with any bike it's simply a balance of how much you want to spend with which features are critical for your bike.

X-Road 1: This is the base model, but still comes fully featured with fenders, lights, and integrated racks as well as using Bosch's award-winning Performance Line motor. At $4,795 that's a whole lot of value packed onto one bike. They save some money on this build kit by using the most basic Bosch Purion display a 400wh battery and a 9-speed drivetrain, although for many riders these may not be an issue.

X-Road 3: This is the level gave top marks to. Coming in at $5,595 it's a very competitive ebike, but adds value by throwing in a robust 10-speed drive train, using Bosch's huge Intuvia display, integrating the battery inside of the frame itself for protection and security (the tidy profile is nice as well), and topping things off a few nice finishes like a full-length chain protector and suspension seat post.

X-Road 5: This is where they pull out all the stops with this nearly top-tier model, using an 11-speed drive train, increasing fork suspension, including a tough-as-nails wheel lock, and upgrading seat post suspension for an even more comfortable ride. Fitted with the more powerful Bosch CX motor, this is the most responsive and capable hardtail X-road. Coming in at $6,395 the 5 still holds its own even in a value-saturated field.

X-Road 7 FS:This is the true creme-de-la-creme; using the best parts they can find Moustache have created a truly formidable electric pedal machine with the comfort and control of both front and rear suspension. Like the X-road 5 it is fitted with the Bosch CX motor and a 500wh battery to give you many miles of comfortable trekking on all terrains.

The X-Road 5 with a premium kit...and killer paint.

Choosing A Frame Style:
Samedi X-Roads come in three different frame styles to suit all types of riders, you can get them in a variety of build kits to suit your budget.

Diamond: This is the classic frame with a high top tube and open frame design. It provides maximum access to the battery and has a simple, clean look; however, diamond frames work best for taller riders for whom stand-over clearance won't be an issue. Available on X-road 3 and X-road 5

Open: This is our most popular frame design, because it drops the top tube to create a mid-step design. Battery access is still easy, but shorter riders or those with limited hip mobility (or anyone who just wants an easier bike to get on) really love this variant. Available on X-road 1 X-road 3 and X-road 5

Full-Suspension: A full-sus city bike, say what?! You heard it right, the award-winning X-Road can be even more comfortable with the addition of a rear shock. You have a motor so the extra weight and pedal bob are negligible and versatility is truly maximized. However, the FS variants only come in the higher build-kit levels so they can be some of our priciest ebikes. Available on X-road 5FS and X-road 7 FS

Moustache's tidy "hidden power" battery design.

Choosing A Size:
For the Samedi X-Road choosing a size is very straight forward. Size Small is for riders from 149-161cm, Mediums work for 159-176cm riders, and riders 174-190cm will want to go for a large. Note there is some overlap in sizes to account for different body geometries. The best way to find the right size for you is to come down to the bikery for a test ride!

Outfitting Your X-Road:
At their core, all Samedis are adventure bikes of sorts and thus will come with features like the suspension forks, and hydraulic brakes of their mountain bike brethren while not skimping on city-friendly equipment like integrated lights and a robust fender/rack system. They are bikes that can go a lot of different ways depending on how you fit them out. 

For example, they come with the grippy, yet quick Hutchinson Python tyres as standard. But, if you wanted more puncture resistance and better performance on city streets you may consider upgrading to a tyre like the Schwalbe Marathon. Conversely, if you're thinking of spending plenty of time off-pavement you may look at a grippier option like the trail-munching Schwalbe Nobby Nic.

Additionally, as standard, all X-roads come with a sturdy cargo rack designed to work with Ortlieb's top-tier QL3 attachment system. This lets you hook and unhook  Ortlieb's world-famous waterproof pannier bags one-handed in a snap. Pair your X-road with a simple commuter bag for a quick nip around town, or gear up with a pair of high-volume bags and your bike will be ready for a mini tour.

If that's not enough to get you excited, check out what our friends at Chargeabout down in Queenstown have to say!


So that's it folks, stop on by the shop any time to come take one of these award-winning steeds out for a test ride and see what all the hype is about!

Check Out The Moustache Samedi X-Road Today

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