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Review Benno Boost E

October 17, 2018

Benno Boost E

Today we're reviewing a bike built go after the hearts of bike nerds, the Boost E from Benno. It has aspirations of being a longtail bike despite rocking a sporty short wheelbase, and the Boost comes with a build kit that was turning heads as soon as it rolled into the shop. We've already seen some great longtails though, let's check out how the Boost holds its own!


Benno Boost E Good Looking

What’s it made for?

The Boost E from Benno is built to be the cargo bike that converts bike purists over to the world of electric. Ostensibly it’s a longtail, but thanks to its relatively short wheelbase (for the category) the Boost E doesn’t have some of the more unwieldy characteristics that longtails can exhibit. With thoughtful touches throughout the build kit (like an XT shifter, just because it feels nice) it’s the electric bike that shows off your commitment to component quality and top-tier riding performance.


Benno Boost E Bosch Motor

How does it ride?

Throw a leg over this bike and you’ll think you just hopped on a cruiser with its elevated bar, laid-back riding position, and wide seat. As soon as you set the wheels in motions you’ll be saying “What cargo bike?”. Without a doubt, the Boost E rides the most naturally of any high capacity bike we’ve carried. And yet it is well and truly a cargo bike at heart. Able to take 50 kg out back and 25 up front the bike us undoubtedly ready to help you eliminate trips by car every day. The Benno-branded 24 x 2.6” tires feel stable and supple while helping the bike roll smoothly down battered city streets. As per usual the Bosch Performance Line motor system provides plenty of zip, and will more than cancel out most any cargo load you can strap aboard, plus it’s nice to see the bike come out of the box with the larger 500 watt/hour battery pack giving you extended range right from the get go.


Benno Boost E Cargo Bags

What makes it special?

The Benno Boost E is the cargo bike designed to systematically eliminate your excuses for not going by bike. Too far? There’s an extra large battery pack. Too hilly? It’s got one of the widest gearing ranges we’ve seen on an electric cargo bike. Raining at night? It’s got fully wrapped fenders and super powerful lights, standard. Have to haul along a kid, the day’s shopping, and a bunch of fine china? The versatility of the racks is nearly unparalleled and can haul just about anything you need. The Boost E does all these things with ease, but then so do many other bikes in this category. Which begs the question....


Benno Boost E Cockpit

How does it stack up?

This bike ticks all of the typical car replacement essentials (see above), but wins points at every turn for thoughtful, rider-friendly touches. It’s a cargo bike that won’t require you to relearn how to ride or clear out a whole extra space in the garage. We have longtails that can carry more (Yuba Spicy Curry), make themselves smaller (Tern GSD), and even come in a bit cheaper (Yuba Boda Bodas when they arrive). But none of them ride quite as effortlessly and are so indisputably practical as this bike. It’s a competitive category, but the Benno Boost E shows that attention to detail still counts for quite a lot.

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