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Review: Kona Electric Ute

May 23, 2019

What's it made for?

The Electric Ute from Kona is made for keen riders who want to add a bit more versatility to their daily driver with heaps of cargo space and the award-winning oomph of Bosch's Performance CX motor. Like so many longtails the Ute lives to replace your car, all day every day. Sitting on natural-riding, fast-rolling 27.5" wheels and complete with all the commuting essentials the Ute was made to make bike geeks of us all.

How does it ride?

Incredibly naturally. What sets the Ute apart, and why we brought it into the shop, is it's unique ability to make a fully capable longtail ride like any conventional commuter bike, a real boon in the at-times-unwieldy world of cargo rigs. Thanks to the CX motor as well it positively zips around town, even up Wellington's steepest streets. Because all of the Ute's cargo capacity lies on its robust integrated racks it maintains that same nippy feel through the city streets whether it's laden with work wares, a big shop, sports gear or just about anything you could conceive to fit in the available oversized pannier bags that attach so elegantly to the rear of the bike.

What makes it special?

Kona has long garnered a reputation as bike company by riders for riders, but you don't have to have years of cargo-hauling experience to appreciate all the thoughtful touches on the Ute. Swing a leg over this steed and you'll find yourself appreciating nearly every facet from a sporty geometry that makes you want to race around town, to life-proof commuting accessories (like lights and fenders), to the incredibly comfy finishing kit. You'll be hard pressed to find a longtail that is more rider-centric than the Ute.

How does it stack up?

In a crowded category, the Electric Ute acquits itself quite nicely, and carves itself out a nice niche for riders who really are just looking to increase the power and capacity of their commuter. With a flexible cargo deck and huge panniers, the sky is the limit on what you'll be able to take along with you. That said cargo carrying is limited to the back of the bike so families looking to go by cargo bike may want to consider another longtail that allows for a front rack as well as the rear cargo area for separating the kiddos from other cargo. Additionally, with no options to fit running boards for larger riders, the Ute really is meant to be a one-rider rig. But if you're a solo rider who wants to say goodbye to trips by car for good the Ute is the bike for you!

Check out the Kona Electric Ute in our store!