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Review: Riese & Müller Multicharger

May 23, 2019

What's it made for?

The Multicharger from Riese & Müller was built as the longtail addition to their stable of premium made-to-order electric bikes. While it comes in a wide variety of configurations all Multichargers have a large integrated rear cargo rack, high-capacity frame-mounted front rack, and Bosch's venerable CX motor. These guys know how to make one heck of an ebike, and their dedicated cargo offering is no exception.

How does it ride?

Sporty, nippy, and well-balanced are descriptors that sprung to mind as we've pedaled this bespoke ride around the hilly streets of Wellington. The riding position is active and engaged; its a bit more forward-leaning than some of our laid-back bikes but by no means lacking in comfort. We're quite impressed by the overall weight for a proper longtail bike with most builds coming in under 30kg bringing the Multicharger up a flight of stairs is no big deal, plus that light weight really helps it fly when its under power.

What makes it special?

Like all Riese & Müller bikes, the Multicharger is made-to-order to fit your exact needs and spares no expense in building the best electric bike possible. Choose from a wide array of colors and drivetrain options, add cargo-friendly accessories (like custom pannier bags or a rear passenger kit), even pick how fast you want the bike to go (with an available high-speed option hitting 45 km/h) and we'll get the perfect ride configured for you. But that's not all that makes the Multicharger special, it is the one and only longtail cargo bike in our lineup with a suspension fork. So if you're looking for an ebike that'll really take the bumps out of the road or even encourage you to head off of pavement, look no further.

How does it stack up?

It's no secret that Riese & Müller bikes are usually the highest-end options that we have in the shop, and thus the priciest for many categories. So the question is, does the bike justify the cost? Absolutely. From the Bosch CX motor to the Magura hydraulic brakes (our favorites for cargo bikes) to the range of great drive train options it's clear that they set out to build a truly great cargo bike and succeeded by all counts. Load it up with cargo, load it up with kids and the Multicharger is ready to be your first mode of transportation for years down the road.

Check out the RIESE & MÜLLER MULTICHARGER in our store!