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Tern Bikes Dealer, NZ

April 16, 2021

We're proud to be dealers of Tern Bicycles here at Bicycle Junction, and we carry a range of their electric, cargo and folding bike offerings.

Traditionally known for their compact commuter bikes, Tern have now ventured into the utility and cargobike markets, with Bosch mid-drive electric motor systems for their electrical assistance. We're fans of what they've been doing lately, and below you can find the range of their bikes that we carry.



The GSD  

The GSD is one of the most popular cargo bikes we sell, and has been since it's arrival. The idea behind it was to create a bike that offers all the functionality of a full size longtail cargo bike, in a much smaller footprint. Kitted out Boschs' Cargo Line motor, this bike was designed to handle heavy loads, and is able to carry a 200kg payload or up to two children. To find out more about this great cargo bike, have a look at it on our website here.





The HSD is the smaller sibling of the GSD, and is more of a utility bike rather than a longtail cargo bike. Despite this, they are similar in many ways. Both have the ability to run a frame mounted front rack, allowing you to carry heavy loads up front without affecting steering. However, the HSD comes with a smaller, detachable rear rack, which is able to comfortably carry one child on the back. Perfect for riders looking for a compact, practical bike, that isn't quite as big as the GSD. You can find out more about this great bike on our website here.




The Vektron 

The last of the Tern bikes in our lineup is a very special one, as it is the only fully powered, foldable electric bike we have. The Vektron packs all the utility of the HSD into a foldable package, allowing it to be stored in significantly smaller foodprint. Despite this, it is still able to comfortably take a child in the rear and has the ability to run a strong, frame mounted front rack in the front. This bike is great for people living in apartments or motorhomes, who want a fully powered electric bike but are low on space. You can find out more about this great bike on our website here.