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WCC Electric Bike Programme FAQ's

September 11, 2018

Thanks for your interest in Wellington City Councils Electric Bike Programme

In this blog we will endeavour to answer any frequently asked questions about the process as well as updates on fulfilment dates for the different bike brands on offer.

If there is a particular question that is not answered here regarding the process then please email us with your question at and we will post the answer here.

If you have a specific question regarding the specifications or details of the bikes on offer, including fulfilment dates then we ask that you please save these questions for Demo Days, Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th September. We will be able to answer these specific questions in store.

-Bicycle Junction Team

Q.What is the process for applying for the Interest free Loan from WCC?

A. If you intend to make use of the WCC interest free loan towards the cost of your e-bike, you will need to bring a signed copy of the Loan Agreement and your council ID with you when making your deposit payment in-store. We have copies of the agreement in store for you to take and have signed by an authorised WCC employee. You an also email to request a form and arrange signing of the agreement.

Q. Who is eligible for the Interest Free Loan?

A. Any permanent part-time or full-time employee is eligible for the loan. The loan may only be used once per employee, irrespective of the number of e-bikes purchased. For full details and terms of the loan please enquire with

Q: Why doesn't the Bicycle Junction website show the special prices offered in the .pdf?

A: The prices offered in the WCC Electric Bike Program are private, and our web-store is entirely publicly accessible. The WCC discounted pricing is also only available on bikes purchased in store. The WCC discounted price will only appear in the PDF and will not be published online. Please refer to the following contained in the .pdf file: "The information contained in this document is intended for Wellington City Council staff and their families only.

Q. The colour of the bike i'm interested in is different online from the model shown in the PDF, why is that?

A. Available colours may vary from those shown in the PDF. In some cases the PDF file was created before the final colours were determined by our supplier.  We will be sure to inform you in-store during Demo Days of the available colour choices. Case in point for the Whistler 2 Plus which is shown as grey in the PDF but the available colour will be blue. In some cases such as the Smartmotion E-city, the only available colour will be red in 26" and blue in 24".


Due to the temporary closure of Ports of Auckland last week there is a delay in receiving both Focus E-MTB models, the Whistler2 and the Jam2. The earliest we can currently expect them to arrive in stock will be this  Friday 21 September.  Once we have confirmation of the delivery date we will reschedule a Demo Day for all E-MTB models, this could be Sunday 23rd, in-store but we will confirm this subsequent to delivery confirmation.  If need be, we may extend the order deadline for the E-MTB category to allow for test rides. Likewise the Yuba Boda Boda is delayed and we will advise in store a test ride date for these for anyone who requests it.  All other test bikes are in stock ready for Demo days. We look forward to welcoming you!
We have some special guests joining us for demo days to answer any specific questions you have about various brands.  
Daryl Neal, the designer of Smartmotion bikes and Lekkie Conversion Kits will be in store Wednesday from 11am until 3pm . If you are particularly interested in these bikes and conversions then Wednesday is a great day to have all your questions answered, straight from the source.
Campbell Read from Chargeabout, the importer of Moustache and Benno Bikes will be in-store Thursday from noon until 5.30pm to answer all your questions relating to their quality range of urban, trekking, E-MTB’s and cargo bikes.