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Why Go Electric?

September 02, 2016

An exciting movement that's growing for good reason

People around the world are becoming part of the electric bicycle movement for a myriad of reasons. We're talking about a vehicle that can not only get you across town faster than a car, but has a fraction of the environmental impact. A vehicle that engages you with your surroundings, and makes each trip about the journey just as much as the destination. A vehicle with the freedom of a bicycle without the shadow of the hill-climb home lingering in the back of your mind. A vehicle that is economical to run and easy to maintain. If you're on the lookout for something that ticks all these boxes - an electric bike is right for you!

E-bike tech basics

Our range of electric bikes are all pedal-assist, meaning the motor will kick in as you pedal. This just means you'll get to where you're going faster, you'll glide smoothly up those hills and you'll get there without working up a sweat. Different e-bikes have different sensor technologies - some of the bikes we offer will assist depending on how fast you pedal (cadence sensor), and some will assist depending on how hard you are pressing on the pedals (torque sensor). Each have their benefits and the right bike for you is all dependent on the kind of riding you're doing. Some of our e-bikes also have a thumb throttle, giving you the option to completely over-ride the pedal assist function and to move forward with nothing but the press of your thumb. The best way to decide which bike is for you is simply to come down to our store and go for a test ride. It won't take long before you know which one feels right.  If you're not Wellington local, then give us a call and we can discuss with you what kind of bike might suit you best. We can walk you through the many options and figure out the best setup for you.

Beautiful Electric Bicycles 

Our electric bikes will not only get you to where you're going smoothly and efficiently, but they'll also make you look and feel great along the way. There's no need to ride a utilitarian froghopper - in the case of e-bikes, beauty does not forsake practicality. We want people to ride as much as possible, and we know they're more likely to do so if they blend in with the beauty of the city. That's why our bikes are elegantly designed pieces of mobile artwork which also happen to be practical and high quality machines! It's OK to feel great, look great and inspire others while riding!!

 High Quality Products 

By high quality we mean that these bikes are made with tough components and materials that will last. They're well designed and built to function on an everyday basis to a very high degree of ride quality and efficiency. 

If you're investing in an e-bike as a mode of transport for you and your family, we want to get you as far as possible, and we want you to get there comfortably.  The feel of riding a quality e-bike is hard to describe but immediately recognizable once you try one.

There are many e-bikes available in NZ that are packed with features, yet have a sticker price half that of a quality European e-bike. When brands pack complicated features such as torque sensors, disc brakes and suspension forks into entry level priced products there will generally be a trade off in the quality of those components. These trade offs can take the form of poor durability, poor performance or a poor ride quality. If you have a budget to stick to, choose a simpler bike with fewer technical features. This will generally mean there are fewer quality trade offs, albeit less technical but well functioning and durable components.