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Yuba Bikes, NZ Dealer

November 09, 2016

Yuba Spicy Curry in stock now!

Bicycle Junction is thrilled to share with you our favourite longtail electric cargobike: the packhorse-like Yuba Spicy Curry.

The Spicy Curry by Yuba is a two-wheeled electric-assisted freedom machine for families or anyone else who loves to bike with things, but needs a little help up a steep hill or across a long-distance stretch. Load this bike to your heart's content, and suddenly you've got a viable alternative to the bus or your car. Be a hipper, healthier, and happier family—and still be on time to soccer practice. The Yuba Spicy Curry has massive amounts of torque, intelligent and intuitive electric-assistance, and top-notch brakes. On top of that, you get a practical and fun design, as well as a market-leading guarantee. We are not the only ones who are crazy about the Spicy Curry - it has received the highest accolade at Eurobike with the Gold Award.



Bicycle Junction is the Distributor for Yuba Bicycles in NZ. This means we are also able to get the popular, do it all front loader: the Yuba Electric Supermarche.

The Supermarche was built to be a cargo bike lover's delight offering a huge payload capacity, incredible flexibility for loading up even the bulkiest cargo, and a staggering suite of dedicated fixtures and fittings to dress up the front tray any way you like. But it doesn't take a cargo specialist to wheel this steed through the city streets; with a unique cable-driven steering system and a comfortable low-step frame, this long john rides naturally and with unparalleled stability. All riders will appreciate the amazing configurability of its oversized cargo tray, whether it's the kiddos, work gear, or deliveries the Supermarche can get any load safely strapped in for a pedal-powered journey. The addition of the Bosch Performance CX motor puts a perfect bow on a great bike helping you get even the heaviest loads up steep hills and through howling headwinds without breaking a sweat.



For more info on the Yuba Spicy Curry, the Electric Supermarche and their accessories, along with our other cargo-bike offerings, have a look at our shop. If you're interested in one of the other cargo bikes in Yuba's line up, such as the Yuba Sweet Curry, Yuba Kombi, Yuba Boda Boda or the Yuba Mundo, get in contact with us and we can talk you through your options!

Check out our line of Yuba bikes here!