Kryptonite Series 2 U-Lock with Cable-Locks-Kryptonite-Default-Bicycle Junction

Kryptonite Series 2 U-Lock with Cable

The Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 U-lock with a 4-foot Flex cable is a strong, durable and convenient combination for deterring bike or wheel theft wherever you have to lock up.13mm hardened Performance steel shackle resists cutting and leverage attacks

  • Includes 4’ KryptoFlex™ double loop cable for securing front wheel or accessories
  • Reinforced hardened cross bar design provides increased protection
  • High security, disc-style cylinder
  • Anti-rattle bumpers reduce noise during transport
  • Rotating dustcover protects cylinder
  • Includes new Transit FlexFrame-U transportation system which allows for versatile carrying
  • Protective vinyl coating
  • 2 stainless steel keys
  • Key Safe Program
  • Patent 6422442
$0.00 $120.00