Surly Straggler 700c

So what is this Straggler anyway? The easy answer is to say that they added disc brakes to a Cross Check, and that is close to accurate. People had asked for a disc version of the highly versatile Cross Check for a long time and almost everything about the two are very similar. The Straggler is slightly different though.

The most obvious difference of course is that the Straggler has disc caliper mounts instead of rim brake studs. It’ll accept rotors up to 160mm. The rear dropouts are unique, too. They’re a partially closed horizontal design that accommodates single speed or geared drivetrains. They feature stop screws that thread in from the rear to further secure the wheel and to position the rear wheel for optimal shifting, plus a forward-mounted stop screw on the drive side to keep the wheel from slipping forward under the force of gargantuan legs. The rear dropouts are spaced 135mm instead of 132.5mm like the Cross Check simply because there are far more options for disc hubs in this spacing.

The Straggler shares all of the Cross Check’s braze-ons for fenders, racks and bottle cages. The Straggler's geometry is slightly different, with angles and tube lengths very close, but not identical, to the Cross Check. However, like the Cross Check, it's ready to take you just about anywhere. It’s a day tripper and a weekender. It’s a ‘rough road’ road bike. It’s a cyclocross bike with no pretense about racing. It’s a utilitarian townie. It’s a light-duty touring bike. It’s an all-weather commuter. And when you get tired of one set up, you can swap parts around and turn it into something else. We think that’s pretty neat. 

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