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Christiania Bikes - Light

In 1984 in a car-free area of Copenhagen, the first Christiania cargo trikes were made as an alternative and environmentally friendly form of transport. Eventually the rest of the world took notice and the trikes have continued to grow and change to meet the specific needs of each customer. Whether you want a grocery, child carrier, or commercial bike, these large-load movers will do the job.

The Light model is designed especially for the transport of children. The selected materials are warm, soft and friendly; the box has no sharp edges; no danger of scratching or fingers getting caught. And there’s plenty of room. All materials are excellent quality, there are no cheap plastic parts to fall apart. 



Max load:

max. 100 kg + driver.

Box area:

88 x 62 x 50/36 cm.


9 mm waterproof plywood.


87 cm.


208 cm.


aprox. 35 kg.

Front frame:

Matt black coated aluminium.

Rear frame:

Matt black coated aluminium. The crank is aluminium, and the bearings are enclosed in cassette. The chain is galvanized.


Black Steel rims 24" x 1.75. Front hub is aluminium with deep groove ball-bearings. Raceguard tires. 2.3 mm stainless spokes.


Mechanic disc brakes on front wheels. Hand brake with included parking function.


24" stainless steel.

$0.00 $2,995.00