Gazelle Cityzen C8 HMB-E-Urban-Gazelle-57-Trapeze-Bicycle Junction

Gazelle Cityzen C8 HMB

What it's built for:
The Cityzen from Gazelle was built to blur the lines between an around-town electric commuter and a road-hungry adventure machine. This bike puts the rider in a comfortable, active position and pairs that engaged position with Bosch's powerful Performance Line motor. The Cityzen acquits itself beautifully as a daily driver with its sturdy mid-step frame, full fenders, lights, and sturdy rack. But with its lively ride and long range, it begs to be taken out on long weekend rides as well.

Why we love it:
Its all about balance with the Cityzen. There are plenty of choices Gazelle could have made to make this bike even more adventure-centric at the expense of daily utility, but that's not what they set out to make. This bike was built to be ridden every day be it off to work, out to dinner, or over the hills and far away. That's something we always love to see: a bike that's built to make you want to ride more than ever before.


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$4,395.00 $3,795.00