Moustache Samedi 27 Open Xroad 3

Due in stock April 2019

What it's built for:
The Samedi Xroad series from Moustache offers riders a type of bike that simply couldn't have existed before the electric revolution. In their souls, all Samedis really are mountain bikes, with their 27.5" wheels and active suspension, but thanks to the pep from their Bosch Performance Line motors they are equally capable as day-to-day commuters that encourage you to take the road less traveled at every turn. This Open 3 variant provides riders with a sharp mid-step option with a build kit perfectly suited to the demands of daily riding. Before the advent of ebikes you mostly had to choose between a commuter and a mountain bike, well the Samedi Xroad was built to change the game. 

Why we love it:
There are an almost dizzying number of bikes in the Samedi range, each built for a different rider. The Open Xroad 3 sets itself apart with a handy mid-step frame allowing comfortable standover clearance, along with its included suite of commuter-friendly accessories. While many cross-road bikes are hybrid bikes dressed up to handle some off-pavement use the Samedi was built the other way around, its a mountain bike geared up for the needs of day-to-day use. But in the end, wide open trails call this bike's name, and if they call yours too this is probably the bike for you.

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