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FAQ: How often does an e-bike need to be serviced?


An e-bike is as simple to maintain as a non-electric bike. The electrical system does not require you to carry out any ‘maintenance’ as such - just remember to look after the battery (have a look at this FAQ for more detail: How do I look after my e-bike battery?). As with a non-electric bike, to keep it in top shape and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty cover, we recommended the following service interval:

  1. Complimentary ‘wearing in’ service/check: six weeks or 200 km after purchase, whichever comes first. This service is free of charge, and we encourage you to bring your bike in;
  2. Complimentary six months service/check or 1500km after purchase. Whichever comes first. We also offer this service for free and strongly encourage you bring your bike in.
  3. Regular electrical check/service: once per year; and
  4. General Bicycle Service: dependent on use.

If you use your e-bike regularly, we recommend a Full Service once a year, together with an electrical service, plus additional servicing as needed during the year.

If you use your e-bike infrequently, a full service (general service and electrical service) once a year will suffice (but please remember to top up your battery regularly - see this FAQ).

For all e-bike services, please deliver your battery, keys and charger together with your e-bike.