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Brompton M-series

Handmade in London since 1975, Brompton bikes are now ridden the world over: from Amsterdam to Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo.

A Brompton bike will transform how you make your journeys. it gives you the freedom of a bicycle and the flexibility to use other transport if you need to.

The unique and compact fold means it will fit into trains, taxis and buses. it can be put under work desks and stored in cloakrooms. And if you need to escape the hubbub just pop it in the car or even onto a plane. As well as putting a smile on your face, it will make you feel unstoppable.

Every Brompton is handmade, to help with figuring out which build is right for you, start here.

Each Brompton has a 3 character code to describe the build. eg. M6L.  The first character describes the handlebar type, the second describes the number of gears, the third describes whether the bike will have mudguards, rack or neither.

First we choose the handlebar type

M series (medium) - Classic handlebar shape offering a comfortable ride. Also the most popular all-round choice.

S series. (short) - A lower, more sporty ride position.

H series (high) - Same classic style as with the M series but with a 57mm higher stem.

Perfect for riders who prefer the most upright riding position.

you can see more about these choices on our FAQ page here

Next we choose the gearing.

3 speed - A robust hub gear, a popular choice for everyday cycling in all but the more hilly terrain.

6 speed - the ultimate go anywhere all-rounder for those who wish to take on longer rides and challenging inclines. This is our recommended choice for much of New Zealands terrain.

There is also an option across all these 4 gearing options to reduce the whole range by 12%.  This is our standard recommendation and default spec for the 6 speed.

The next choice to make is whether you need mudguards or rack.

E type - No mudguards or rack - Light and sporty

L type - Mudguards but no rack - for all weather riding (most common choice for commuting)

R type - Mudguards and rack - for additional luggage space and better stability when folded. Good for people intending to do touring.

Once these choices are made its down to the colour! Don't forget there are also titanium and bespoke options as well as the occasional limited edition. For bespoke options its best to get in touch with us at the shop.

  • Handlebar Type: M type (1015mm)
  • Gears: 6 speed
  • Mudguards Type: Version L (includes mudguards)
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Saddle - Brompton Standard
  • Seatpost: Extended (inside leg up to 35 inches)
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Racer
  • Folded Dimensions: 645mm (H) x 585mm (W) x 270mm (D) (25.3'' x 23'' x 10.6'')
  • Weight (approx.): 12.4 kg

    Though we’re a bike shop that sells, builds and fixes bicycles, they’re really just the means to an end; albeit a beautifully designed means to an idyllic end. Our job most importantly is to encourage as many people as we can to get out and ride for transport and enjoyment. We'd love to make riding a bike as commonplace as your morning cup of coffee, which by the way is our other obsession.

    Bicycle Junction is situated at 1 Marion St, Te Aro, Wellington.