Buzz Bar Cranks - Straight HD

Lekkie brings salvation to Bafang riders with the BUZZBARS pedal cranks.
The straight pair is designed to align pedals on the BBSHD motors.
Precision CNC cut from 6061 heat treated aluminium billet to bring ultimate stiffness and confidence to your ride.
Designed using optimisation software to ensure maximum strength with minimum weight achieving twice the strength of the stock Bafang cranks.
Self-extracting bolts mean easy replacement of chain rings and for motor servicing.

-Material: CNC 6061 aluminium. T6 heat treated. Anodised finish.
-Length: 170mm
-Compatibility: Designed for BBSHD Motors.
-Colours: Black
-Offset: 0mm left, 0mm right

-Most importantly, it looks trick.
-Add some Bling to your ride.
$0.00 $140.00