Chistiania Bikes Taxibike-Cargo Bikes-Christiania-Nexus 8 speed with Rollerbrake-Bicycle Junction

Chistiania Bikes Taxibike

Max Load. 150 kg + driver.
Box material: 9 mm waterproof plywood.
Total Width: 99 cm.
Total Length: 235 cm.
Weight: 59 kg.
Frame: Matt black galvanized steel frame. The crank is aluminium, and the bearings are enclosed in cassette. The chain is galvanized.
Wheels: Black double-bottomed aluminum rims 24" x 1.75. Front hub is aluminium with deep groove ball-bearings. Raceguard tires. 2.3 mm stainless spokes.
Brakes: Mechanic disc brakes on front wheels. Hand brake with included parking function.
Fenders: 24" stainless steel.
$0.00 $6,895.00