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Terry - Fitness Comfort Saddle for Women

The Figura Fitness Comfort Saddle has been designed for dynamic activities of moderate intensity as a crossover between touring and sports saddle. It has been specially designed for the female anatomy and is ideally suited for bicycles with a slightly stretched seated position. As a result of the Terry 3-Zone Comfort Principle saddle problems are a thing of the past!

• 3 Zone comfort principle
• Wide seating area for best pressure distribution
• Slim overall design for high freedom of movement
• Especially suitable for a slightly stretched riding position (MTB, fitness, trekking) and activities of medium intensity
• Comfort Foam padding
• Outer material: WeatherMax DuraLux
• Protection from wind and splashwater in shell
• Handmade 
• Rail: Light FeC steel
• For a sit bone distance of: approx. 12 – 15 cm
• Dimensions: approx. 260 mm (Length) x 175 mm (Width)
• Weight: approx. 405 g


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