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Linus Ember and Felix Review

October 28, 2021 3 min read

We've been eagerly anticipating these two bikes to arrive in New Zealand, and are very stoked to announce that they're finally here. Both of these electric utility bikes have a lot to offer and a handful of features that make them stand out from the competition. But which of these two is right for you? Read the full comparison and review of these two bikes below.



The design of these bikes, as the entire Linus range, focus on elegance and simplicity for urban use. As Linus' first venture into ebike territory, we're happy to report that they've still managed to pack some very practical features into these two models.

These bikes are made to offer riders more utility than you would find with a normal ebike, making activities such as picking up a child or doing a solid load of groceries more accessible than ever. They're a practical bike designed for daily use but with that trademark Linus elegance. The Shimano e6100 motor system supplies assistance up to 32kph which makes these bikes very capable at tackling a hilly, urban environment.



One of the biggest differences between these two bikes are the riding characteristics. Despite being equipped with virtually the same build kit with very similar styling, these bikes have a noticeably different ride quality.

The Ember puts you in a very upright, relaxed riding position whilst the Felix puts you in a more neutral, active position. Despite these bikes having the same motor, when I test rode the Felix is felt like it had a bit more pep then the Ember. This was probably a combination of the riding position which allowed me to put down a bit more power, as well as the lack of a rear pannier rack on the bike at the time. This is not to say that the Ember feels sluggish whatsoever - it just feels cruisey when compared to the Felix. This, along with whether you prefer a diamond or step-through frame design, will be one of the main deciding factors if your on the fence about which of these two bikes you want to go for. The best way to determine this however is with a test ride, which you can book online here.




The classic styling of both of these models make them immediate eye catchers, and allow them to stand out in a world of futuristic, techy looking ebikes. Both have beautiful lines, as seen in their gorgeous mixte-styled twin top tubes, which are in place of a single larger one. However, there are some other features that make these bikes unique beyond their aesthetics.

One feature that makes these bikes stand out from other similarly ebikes are their cargo capabilities. The ability to fit the optional $200 frame mounted front rack alongside the included rear pannier rack combine to create a bike that's up for a range of different tasks.

It's a very capable bike if you're wanting to carry one child on the back, as you not only have the ability to carry them, but also all of your own and their stuff as well. This makes grocery runs and school pick ups much more manageable and means you're more likely to use your bike in these circumstances. 

If you don't have a child, then the extra cargo capabilities can still come in handy regardless. The combination of front and rear rack systems, alongside the powerful electric motor mean that big supermarket loads are no longer an issue. Otherwise, if you're wanting a lightweight set up that's still extremely practical, you could run just the front rack and throw your bag in there and go. The main benefit to having these options is the flexibility to adapt these bikes to your needs, making them highly practical vehicles for a range of different people.



The blend of classic styling, high quality components and cargo capability featured in these two bikes makes them hard to beat for urban riders. Whether you prefer the step-through Ember or sporty Felix is something that only you can decide, but either way these bikes will become trusted daily companions. We're excited to have them finally landed, and you'll already see many of them being put to good use.

If you're interested in taking either of these for a test ride, you can book yourself in for one online here.


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