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Workshop | Online Booking

This is where our mechanics get to do what they do best – make bikes hum like the day they were bought. You’ll find a friendly head and a helpful, albeit potentially greasy hand to help service and repair any hint of mechanical faltering. Drop in for a bike chat and a service soon or simply click below to book online. We pride ourselves on quality work and fast turnarounds because we know you need your bike every day.




Bike / Specialized Tero X

Grant is an old friend of Dan's from way back, who previously worked as a coffee machine technician. You'll find him opening shop first thing in the morning, ready to help you with whatever. He's always cracking jokes and has a constant stream of parcels with fresh bikepacking gear for his next adventure.


Bike / Riese & Muller Load 75

Ilya is a Norwegian trained bike mechanic who lived a past life in the corporate world. Luckily for us, he’s found a home here in our workshop. He’s one seriously skilled and thorough fella, with a deep knowledge and care for bikes. You've sure to have seen him and his family on their cargo bike.


Bike / Genesis Fugio

Greg developed a passion for gravel bikes and touring since way back when! His attention to detail is unparalleled, making him our go to for your next custom build. Four years ago he arrived in New Zealand for a quick summer’s exploration and needless to say, we’re glad he stuck around.


Bike / Hand Built by James

Dropping in to Junction, James has quickly established himself as a wizard with the tools. Experienced working on high end road and mountain bikes, his skillset is the final piece of the workshop puzzle. Gifted a bike at age 11, James never looked back. He also builds his own bikes – welds and all.


Yes we do! Our workshop services all types of bikes, including electric, cargo and sometimes even penny farthing. We are also the authorised service centre for several e-bike systems, including Bosch, Impulse, Lekkie, Specialized Brose and Shimano Steps.

The recommended service interval for most bikes is 1000km or 6 month for “regular” use (daily commuters), and 12 months for “light” use (occasional rides). If you use your bike regularly, your bike will need regular servicing. In between services, it will sometimes be necessary to do minor work (for example, pumping tires, check brake pads for wear, and cleaning and lubing the chain). If you use your bike lots, we can help you to learn these basics yourself so that you can save the services for the more significant work.

Bring it here. We aim to make it as simple as possible to have your bike serviced. You can drop your bike off anytime within our opening hours. We aim to complete most work with a day (for more detail on this, see our FAQ: How long will my service take?). You do not have to book in with us beforehand; however, you may wish to book in during the busier times (summer). This will allow us to reserve workshop time for you bike, so that you spend less time waiting. You can book through our website, or give us a call at the shop (here are our contact details).When leaving your bike with us for a service, it is a good idea to remove your helmet, pannier bags, lights and other bulky or fragile detachables. We do take care to keep your bike and your things from being bumped around; however, our space is limited and we are grateful for all bikes that come without extras.