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Cargo Tales, Pt. 9: Super Spicy Team

April 19, 2021 3 min read

During February, we offered families from five different schools around Wellington the opportunity to take the Yuba Spicy Curry bike home for an extended test ride, to give the cargo lifestyle a go.

We thought it would be fun to share some of the stories that we received from the families who took part. We hope that these may inspire some of you who have been considering making the jump to two wheels to come in and take a bike home for an extended test ride of your own.

This time round we're sharing the story of the 'Super Spicy' Team, and how the bike pulled through for them when they most needed it. 



In 250 words or less tell us the most important ways riding a cargobike made a positive difference to your family.

'Super Spicy' saved the day for our family, literally! We had just said goodbye to our main family car as it went off to wreckers heaven and we wondered how we would cope with the juggling of drop offs, pick ups and work. 'Super Spicy' came along in the nick of time and was our superhero whilst part of the Wilson whanau for a few days. As our daughter was introduced to 'Super Spicy', she decided that it couldn't go without having its very own superhero passenger (complete with cape). We have never had her get ready so fast for her commute each morning. It provided fantastic extra Daddy/daughter time, singing and riding our way to Adelaide day care (despite Roisin being less than impressed by Dad's rendition of Queen's 'Bicycle Race'). She really did think she was a real life superhero creating her own set of road rules for the bike, including questioning why we had to stop at each red light! Our daughter has become the number one Cargo bike spotter in Wellington, commenting on everyone's accessories and passengers (she is most impressed by dogs joining their families on their daily commutes). We hope 'Super Spicy' can become a permanent member of our family, who knows we might even have to get a dog to complete it!


Tell us a fun story from your time riding the cargobike.

On our adventure weekend day, we decided to go and explore the Miramar Peninsula. With Roisin (age 3) trying to make a plan as to how we would transport the whole family on our 'Super Spicy'....."Mummy and Daddy up the front, me at the back and baby Ella in the basket!" We decided that it was best that Mum & baby would go by car! The adventure turned into 'The race to get ice cream!' at Scorching Bay. Stopping at a few points along the way to receive regular reminders as to who was winning, it is safe to say that 'Super Spicy' with it's super passengers were indeed the winners and awarded with well earned ice cream!



What surprised you the most about riding the cargobike?

As I am so used to cycling my road bike on my daily commute, my initial reaction was how am I going to manoeuvre this heavy bike let alone commute on it with a 18kg toddler on the back (and still beat my PB), I felt puffed before I even started! I was pleasantly surprised by the ease to manoeuvre and the power through the pedals, it took a little adjusting for me to just 'chill out' and just enjoy the ride! I was very surprised with how much I could load up onto the bike, there was nothing that a bungy cord on hand couldn't help to secure.


In your childrens own words, how do they describe riding the cargobike.

Roisin (Age 3) loved each adventure and commute on our 'Super Spicy'. She described it as being "as fast as a car", "zooming like superheroes", "I loved racing Mummy in the car the best, Me and Daddy always were the winners!", "Does this need petrol to go so fast?" "Why do we have to stop at red lights?"


Any further comments or feedback regarding the trial?

The trial was so easy to organise and get set up. The info received online and on the website was so helpful and clear. Being part of this trial gave us the opportunity to trial something that has been on our 'wish list' as a family for a long time. The cross over days worked well to allow some days for commuting and one day for adventures. 



Thanks for your story Super Spicy Team!

If you liked this post then make sure to have a look on our blog using the filter 'Family Rides' because we have a bunch of other stories we have or will be releasing soon.

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