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Cargo Tales, Pt. 5: The Wheelingtonians

April 05, 2021 4 min read

During February, we offered families from five different schools around Wellington the opportunity to take the Yuba Spicy Curry bike home for an extended test ride, to give the cargo lifestyle a go.

We thought it would be fun to share some of the stories that we received from the families who took part. We hope that these may inspire some of you who have been considering making the jump to two wheels to come in and take a bike home for an extended test ride of your own.

This is the story of 'The Wheelingtonians' and their series of fun adventures they went on with the Spicy Curry.



In 250 words or less tell us the most important ways riding a cargobike made a positive difference to your family.

It was love at first sight. “Look at these spicy curves” salivated Papa. “What a strong, sturdy frame”, gushed Mama. “A comfy seat out back and a basket up front for my bag”, mumbled the tween, secretly excited about the fun ride to school. “A perfect balance beam”, cooed the middle child, gymnastically inverted on her head atop the remarkably stable bike. “It has turbo?”, squealed the speedy six-year old, drawn reflexively to the bike computer. The Wheelington family lived a busy life, always on the go in their old, grumpy car. The day “Spicy Curry” came into their lives, commuting became a moment of shared joy and pure bliss. On the Cargo bike, they felt safe and cozy, yet wild and free! People were watching them with envy… They became eco-heroes, defeating the wind to save the planet! They inhaled crisp morning air, they got sprayed by salty water, they laughed heartily and jumped on bumps in harmony. Their colourful helmets could be seen bobbing all over town, their giggles could be heard all around the bays. With Spicy Curry, their life took a new turn! Not only did they have fun as a family, with Papa Wheelington racing the Cargo Nike on his blades or getting a free ride; the Wheelingtons also discussed serious matters such as sustainable and healthy means of transport. They became more aware of the need for proper cycle lanes, they were more vigilant about other cyclists, and they are now very reluctant to use their noisy, smelly, not-so-funny car!



Tell us a fun story from your time riding the cargobike.

Mama Wheelington was very excited to play with her new toy. Riding on the Cargo Bike was so easy… she could not wait to take the kids up the hill for their gym class. An hour later, as Papa nursed his 2nd pint, Mama Wheelington finally huffed into view. “Sorry Darling, the bike is great, but it’s a killer going up-hill, even on turbo”. “Really? I thought it was a breeze, with the levers on the right”, said Papa. “You mean the e-assist?”, asked Mama. “No, I mean the g-assist. It also has gears!”, as both he and spicy curry tumbled over in laughter. On her next trip, Mama Wheelington took the kids up the hill and it worked like magic! There's nothing like good old gears, even on an e-bike...


What surprised you the most about riding the cargobike?

The Wheelingtons were exhausting, always on turbo on the Cargo Bike, jamming its poor brakes, spinning its wheels, ringing its bell. Yet, Spicy Curry adjusted smoothly to their chaotic life. It eagerly climbed up steep hills, banked comfortably down winding roads, slalomed through crowded boardwalks, zipped through tunnels, flew over bumps and magically recharged its battery. At the end of the trial, the Wheelingtons cried, but the Cargo Bike would finally get some rest. Surprisingly, Spicy Curry lost its zest. The key refused to turn in the lock. The wheels spun reluctantly and the brakes dragged all the way to the store. The bell would not ring anymore. Spicy Curry wanted to stay home.



In your childrens own words, how do they describe riding the cargobike.

"Wooooah! This bike is awesome! Let's go turbo ! And mama, don't tell us in advance about the bumps. And don't slow down, pleeeeeease!" (Ajooni, 9 years old) "I love the Cargo Bike. It is the funnest way to travel. The car is so boooooooring! And polluting. The Cargo Bike is good for the planet!" (Jugni, 6) "This is the best vehicule ever. Please mama, can you pick me up from school with the Cargo Bike? " (Mastani, 11) "Look at the back seat! It looks exactly like a gym beam. Let me try my routine" (Ajooni, 9) "I wish there were pedals for kids at the back, so we could go even faster!" (Jugni, 6) "This bike is simply the best. I wish we could have one just like that..." (Mastani, 11)


Any further comments or feedback regarding the trial?

Thank you Bicycle Junction for your very generous initiative. You gave us a great opportunity not only to try a new bike, but also, to share fun times as a family, and to have deep conversations about ideal lifestyle. Even though we are bike lovers, we never thought of a family bike as an option, and this adventure was an eye opener. Thank you for reminding us that everything is possible, even riding cheerfully in Windy Welly with 3 kids and a lot of bags, on an eco-friendly 2-wheeler!



Thanks for your story Wheelingtonians!

If you enjoyed this post, keep an eye out and have a look on our blog using the filter 'Family Rides' because we have a bunch of other stories we have or will be releasing soon.

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