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Wellington Summer Looks Better From An Ebike!

April 01, 2021

We're excited about a lot of things here at Bicycle Junction right now. We're excited about some great events we've held recently here at the bikery. We're excited about the warming rays of summer that are starting to shine through our windows. But most of all, we're excited about the incredible lineup of electric bikes that have been landing at the shop in recent weeks.

We're so excited in fact that now through December 16th we're offering 10% of the purchase price of all of our in-stock ebikes towards accessories! That's right, treat yourself to an ebike and we'll help sort out the stocking stuffers for the holidays.

For a while now we've dedicated ourselves to providing the best collection of ebikes to our fellow Wellingtonians, but going into this summer things are kicked up to a whole new level. We've got new models, new suppliers, and new categories of bikes all with a little electric zip all to get more of you out riding than ever before. Let's dive in and have a look at these beauties!

 The Hometown Hero: Smartmotion Mid City

Smartmotion has been defining electric bicycles in New Zealand for years now, and it's no wonder why. These sensible steeds are designed right up in Auckland to fit the needs of demanding Kiwi riders. We've long been fans of their ubiquitous E-City range and were naturally thrilled when they announced a mid-drive variant. The Mid City has been on our floor for a little while now and we're big fans of the performance this bike is able to pack into a budget package. The Dapu motor provides a surprising amount of pep, while the build and fit of the bike provide the same level of comfort that made the E-City so well loved.

Check out our review of the Smartmotion Mid City

The Class President: Kalkhoff Jubilee

While the Kalkhoff Jubilee is certainly no newcomer to our shop floor, we're always excited to get a new shipment in as we know just how many smiles they'll bring to our city streets. These German-made machines are a study in pragmatism, not a cent is over-spent, not a single part carelessly selected. There's a reason why this humble looking ride has been one of our most popular: it's just a great bike. You'll feel great gilding through the streets with a comfortable, wide-view of the road while the venerable Impulse motor quietly zips you along. Add to that the fact that the Jubilee is arguably our most efficient ebike giving it a staggering range, and you've got a wallet-friendly option ready for years of riding Welly's winding streets.

Check out our review of the Kalkhoff Jubilee

The Workhorse: Yuba Boda Boda

This bike has been a long time coming, and we are psyched to finally have Yuba's electric Boda Boda in store for you this summer! Yuba has long produced some of our favorite cargo bikes, including the beloved (and electrified) Spicy Curry. But not everyone has the room for a full-blown cargo bike, that's where the Boda Boda steps in. With a wheelbase that is the same length as most standard bikes this bike makes going by bike every day practical and carefree. The staunch rear rack makes carrying up to 100 kg of cargo (or kiddos) a breeze, while the Shimano Steps motor system gives you plenty of pep even on our steepest hills.

Check out the electric Yuba Boda Boda in our store

The Sportscar: Moustache Friday

Fast, efficient, and fun the Friday from French manufacturer Moustache was built to turn heads as it flies on by. We've had these guys on the floor for a while now but never in so many beautiful variants. You may choose the handsome 10-speed version above, or live the full-electric life with the electronic shifting Di2 version, no matter what you choose the Friday is guaranteed to make you want to ride your bike every day of the week. The stylish build will have you feeling like a cafe-bike racer every time you throw a leg over this steed, then the industry-leading Bosch Performance motor system will get you over to work, off to dinner, and home again in record time.

Check out the Moustache Friday in our store

The Lovebug: Benno Ejoy

Sometimes you just want a bike that makes you grin ear-to-ear. Sometimes you just want a bike that can carry all your stuff and still go out on a long weekend cruise. Sometimes you just want the Benno Ejoy. Benno is a fairly new addition to our lineup and we primarily brought them in for the tip-top appeal of this bike. Like all Benno bikes, it has nice premium touches where it counts, fun-loving design, and an uber-reliable Bosch Active motor system. They thread a nice needle on this bike by keeping the rack free of battery clutter to make sure you can haul all your stuff off to work and then over to the gym, but still left plenty of space up front with the step-through design to make the bike manageable and fun to ride on busy city streets.

Check out the Benno Ejoy in our store

So there you have it folks, a couple of the all-stars in our best lineup of electric bikes yet! We've been hard at work for the past couple years to provide our fellow Wellingtonians with the best collection of ebikes in town, and by gosh we think we've done it. Come on down to the bikery, grab a coffee, swing a leg over a couple of these handsome rides, and if you grab one before by December 16th we'll give you 10% of the purchase value towards in-store accessories!