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Kim & Emma's Cargo Bike Wedding

February 11, 2022

Last year, Kim and Emma were on the hunt for a cargobike that would allow them to shuttle their kids to daycare and go on (lots of) bike adventures. They took the plunge and bought a Load 75 and a Spicy Curry, and since then have inspired us with their enthusiasm for doing everything by bike.

This past weekend they were married, and Kim couldn't think of a better way to get to the ceremony than by cargobike. With a minor mishap en route and a quick change of rider, the Load pulled through and delivered Kim safely to the start of what seemed to be a extremely fun day out in the Wairarapa.

Read the full story in Kim's words below.
I've had a lifelong addiction to bikes. They were my independence as a kid, my sole method of transport as a student, and my stress relief as a grown up. Sometimes I've raced hard, sometimes I haven't. But I have always ridden bikes. Emma is much the same and has done hot laps on the boards as well as commuted on fixies. 
When the family grew, we made the plunge to get a cargo bike. We wanted to be able to take the kids on bike adventures, bike trailers were hard work, and we liked the idea of a bike that the boys could enjoy together or with their mates as they got older. 
So, it was only natural when our wedding day came along that we made a plan to include a bicycle of some sort. The Load 75 got the call up and the kids helped me go all out with decorating it with flowers and ribbons.
Those who know me know I'm a bit of a cluster at times and my wedding day was no different. I was determined to give it a crack to ride to the venue despite my future wife's messages of heed. So, resplendent in heels and a flowy white gown I managed to get about 150m up the road and through the first left hander before getting an expensive piece of silk crepe in the rear disc brake. The following team cars stopped to provide roadside assistance and the Best Man got on the tools to get me the rest of the way there. He didn't know how to switch it on and by this time I was in the kids' seats in the front so just let him rip the cranks off it all the way to Moy Hall. He's a retired sprinter after all. The future wife used kitchen scissors to tidy up the dress and the ceremony went smoothly. 
It was on brand. And I'd do it all over again given the same opportunity. Perhaps in a tux.
Photo credit: Andrew Turner @atphotonz