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Moustache Friday Review

November 11, 2018

What’s it made for?

The Moustache Friday is the perfect bike for daily commuters who are looking for a ride with a little more get up & go, a little more curb appeal. Like many bikes in the category, it comes well equipped with great fenders, integrated lights, and this bike uses a rear rack compatible withOrtlieb’s QR3 system meaning carrying the day's cargo is a snap. However, the designers at Moustache pepped things up a bit with Bosch’s Performance Line motor and a build kit that exudes sophistication at every turn. Yeah, that’s a fast way to get around town.

How does it ride?

The entire Friday line feels staunch yet nimble at first pedal stroke. The geometry puts the rider slightly ducked out of the wind, but thoughtful touches like the gently curved back bars prevent any undue posture fatigue. It’s a fully rigid bicycle but between a beefy carbon composite fork and the top-tier Schwalbe MotoX (in a generous 2.3” size) tires most road chatter is resolutely squashed. The bike sits on 27.5-inch wheels giving it nimble handling when weaving through crowded streets, but still with plenty of rolling efficiency when you want to get up and go, which is exactly what the bike was built to do. We love the riding position on this bike, keeping you comfortable yet aggressive in a way that makes you want to take the long way home every day.

What makes it special?

This bike acquits itself most notably with top-tier design and finishes. On the design side, one quick glance shows you this bike is one of a kind. The distinctive bent tubing turns heads on the street. Meanwhile, high-quality finishes (Brooks saddle out of the box anyone?) make the bike feel like an extension of yourself. The Friday is undoubtedly a bike built to replace your car and absolutely will make you excited to ride it every day.

How does it stack up?

On the whole, the Friday holds its own nicely in a crowded field. You’ll feel great throwing a leg over this handsome machine, and the power you get out of the  Bosch motor will have you grinning ear to ear. That said, the premium build garners a premium price tag and riders who don’t need all the flash the Friday provides may well be happy on the more utilitarian, more sober Kalkhoff Voyager. On the flip side, the Friday is not the glitziest bike in our shop. For that you'll want to look at our award-winning line of ebikes from Reise & Muller. That said the torque provided by the Bosch system means that the Friday is indisputably out fastest, most efficient hill climber, and the geared motor system provide plenty of range for long commutes or epic weekend rides. So if you’re on the hunt for a premium commuter that will turn heads for years to come, and zip you up the hill home after a long day on the job, look no further.

Check out the Moustache Friday in our store!