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Clive's Wheelie Green Gardening Machine

Clive from Wheelie Green Gardening came to us looking for a clean, green way of carrying all of his gardening gear around town. This is what we put together for him.⁠

We started with the Yuba Spicy Curry, as it's one of the most capable cargo bikes we have to offer. We then added the platform tray to the back, and got a custom tow ball hitch built to attach the Surly Bill trailer to the rear. Furthermore, we then finished things off by getting custom side panels made, and building a ramp to make getting a lawnmower on and off super easy.⁠

If you like what you see here, get in touch, as we have a few more of these trailers and love seeing them being put to good use. Otherwise, if you're in need of some gardening work and are based in Newlands, give Clive a ring! ⁠

Build details:

  • Yuba Spicy Curry with the Bosch Cargo Line motor system
  • Surly Bill Trailer with custom frame, side panels, ramp and paint job.
  • Custom-made tow ball trailer hitch for the Spicy Curry
  • Custom metal tray for the rear of the Spicy Curry