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FAQ: Can you ship bikes fully assembled?

We sell a high quality range of unique ebikes at Bicycle Junction. We have a lot of customers from outside of Wellington who would like our bikes, and for that reason we offer the service of shipping our bikes fully assembled.

This means that they arrive to you, set up ready to ride, on a pallet all packed and safe. This is important to us because a lot of our bikes are unique, so we like to set them up ourselves and make sure that they are assembled correctly, and that you have a great experience on our bikes from the first ride. It also saves you from having a bike in a box delivered to your home, and then having to organize and pay for getting it down to your local bike shop for assembly, particularly if it's one of our cargo bikes which ordinary bike shops either don't have space for or aren't used to assembling. So for us, it gives us an assurance that you will get your bike in the in the condition that it should be and that you're going to be happy with it. For you it just makes it easy. It'll arrive to your door, ready for you to unsnip the ties and ride away, straight away.

We custom make pallets to fit our bikes, and we try and use as little non-recyclable packaging as possible. They come packed in removal blankets and are be strapped securely on the pallet. See the images below to get an idea of how this is done (they are of a Spicy Curry fully set up with kids seats and other accessories). We have various rates for different parts of the country, so get in touch with us if you are interested.