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FAQ: Why spend $3-5k on an electric bike when you can buy one for $2k

The e-bikes we stock have a focus on quality, are beautiful to look at, and will last a long time. Nonetheless, this does not mean that they are the most expensive e-bikes on the market. Like you, we are also mindful of prices. Here we offer a list of things to consider when choosing an e-bike model and a shop to buy it from.


Will the bike last a long time?

Market leaders in e-bike technology such as Bosch and Shimano have invested massively in research and development. Their motor units are sealed and maintenance-free. Their batteries have a long lifespan. They stand behind their products and offer guarantees that are not limited to the statutory minimum. This means that you get more years for your dollars.


Will you enjoy using this e-bike?

You will notice right away the difference in feel between a high quality motor and the older technology used in the more budget-orientated products. The higher quality motors are not only quieter, more responsive and more powerful, but deliver their power more naturally thanks to the more refined torque sensors. You will get more use from a bike you enjoy riding.

Our bike prices start in the mid-range because in the lower price points there is generally a quality trade off.  Be it lesser quality wheels or a poorly balanced steering, there will likely be something that is done to shave costs resulting in a bike that may not give enjoyment and a long service life. In our starting price point bikes we prefer to sacrifice features rather than quality. That's why you will see cadence sensing rather than an inferior quality torque sensor on our Lekkie bikes. In return for this saving you get high quality double-walled alloy rims and stainless steel spokes.


Does it look and feel good?

We believe that if the bike both looks and feels good people are compelled to ride more often.  They feel a sense of pride when out riding and want to get out more often. We believe people who ride beautiful and well functioning bikes inspire others to riding. This is an important part of our shop philosophy, that ridership will increase faster if people are inspired to ride and less so because they feel a social responsibility. So get out there, looking and feeling good and others will take your lead!


When looking to buy an electric bike consider also who will service it. There are many online sellers and retailers who do not have a service department. Once it is sold you may be on your own. All our bikes come with a free six week check and six month service. We sell quality bikes because we want you to have ongoing enjoyment. We back up this statement with ongoing service. We have not only a bike workshop but we are an electric bike service centre for all main brands of electric bikes.


We talk about the following criteria when considering which bikes we will sell: Features, Quality, Price, Beauty. 

You can only ever have three for a given bike. We will never sell a bike which does not include Quality.

  • Features are things like Disc brakes, Built in lights, Torque sensing. They are the tech that if done with quality will make your bike a joy to ride. If not done with quality they will make your bike a drag to maintain. That's why we only add features if they are of a good quality. We prefer simple quality over inferior complexity.
  • Quality is easily stated and not to be confused with features. What we mean when we say quality is durable, reliable and well functioning equipment. Quality is the only thing we will not sacrifice on our range.
  • Price is also important. We recognise that everyone has a different budget to work with. That's why we offer kits to convert your existing bike to electric. If you already own a good quality bike then there is good value in this. What we won't do is cram a lot of features into a lesser quality bike just to meet a price.
  • Beauty is important to us because we believe it helps drive your enjoyment of your bike as well as inspiring others to riding. However we would never sell a bike which only had beauty as merit. As the Germans say; no form without function.  A beautiful bike is no help if it is not enjoyable to ride and reliable.