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FAQ: How far will an e-bike go on a single battery charge?

Some of the e-bike models we stock have a manufacturer-claimed range of up to 190km.

The actual distance you can ride on a single charge will vary according to several factors, including the size of the battery, your weight, how much or how hard you pedal, how hilly it is, headwind/tailwind, air temperature etc. So it is possible to use up a battery charge over a much smaller distance.

We explain this in a little more detail below. You can also get an excellent overview of how this works using this nifty range calculator made by Bosch.

Pedal Power: most e-bikes are designed to help you only while you pedal. Therefore, the more muscle power you use, the less power is taken from the battery and the more range you’ll achieve. This is especially relevant when accelerating or climbing steep gradients. If your e-bike has a throttle (which allows you to get power without pedaling), relying on the throttle will eat through your battery charge faster. When a throttle is installed there can be a tendency for this to happen.

Terrain and Rider Weight: If you use your e-bike in hilly areas, expect less range from your battery. Similarly, heavier riders or people carrying heavy loads can also expect reduced range.

Speed and wind resistance: Windy days can reduce range. This is because of increased air resistance. Similarly, if your e-bike offers assistance over 25km/h (many European models do not), you will see reduced range at higher speeds: you are likely to do twice the range at 25km/h than at 35km/h.

On many of our bikes it is possible to choose a battery capacity suitable to the range you wish to ride. This is particularly important for someone with a long commute or an intent to take the bike touring on cycle trails.

For more info see the battery size FAQ here