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FAQ: How long will it take to get my bike serviced?

One to two days, in most cases. We know you'd rather be riding your bike than have it sitting in the workshop for days. So our workshop is constantly buzzing to churn out top-notch services and repairs.

As soon as your bike is ready, we will send you a text message.

If you drop your bike in to us in the morning, you can ordinarily expect to have it back by the end of the same day or the day following.

In return for our fast service, we ask you to kindly collect your bike on the day it is ready or the following day. If you do need a little extra time, please phone us and we can work something out.

There may be times when it can take a little longer to get your bike through the workshop. If your bikes needs parts that we do not carry in stock and we order these, or if there is an especially busy patch, we might need a little more time. We will let you know if this is the case.

If you really cannot be apart from your bike, book it in with us for a “same-day” service. These are available on weekdays, and need to be booked in advance. We will reserve workshop time for you. Drop your bike to us early in the day and we will prioritise it in our queue.