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FAQ: What spares should I take when touring by Brompton?

You should have the following parts if you plan to use a Brompton where spares aren’t locally available. The list is a guide only, and does not cover every eventuality.

Part numbers are given where there is no choice: otherwise choose parts which are appropriate to the model in question, e.g. Sturmey or Sram, derailleur or non-derailleur.

    1.  Small parts, essential to enable the bike to be ridden and used

Rear sprocket(s)

Suspension block, "QSUSPBA"

Chain tensioner

Cables, to suit model

Chain tensioner nut

Hinge clamp assembly, "QHCA"

Gear indicator chain, hub-gear

Spokes, "QSPOKFSS", &, for rear, to suit


  1. Small parts, essential for satisfactory folding

Handlebar catch, "QHBCA"

Hook, "QHOOKA"

Lower stop disc, "QLSDA"

Main roller, "QROLM" & "QROLMBOLTS"


  1. Small parts, non-essential (either because they can probably sourced locally, or because bike remains useable without them)


Rimtape, "QRIMTAPE"

Inner tube, "QTUB"

Elastic cords (rear-rack), "QSHOCKA"


Dynamo, "QVDYNO-RH" ("QVDYNO-LH" for L-version)

Brake pads, "QBRPAD"

Rear rack roller (rubber), "QROLRA"


  1. Bulky

Tyres: well worth having if their bulk is not important.

Rim: a replacement rim is unlikely to be available except from a Brompton dealer.