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FAQ: What are the main types of bikes within your Adventure bike range?

This category usually splits into Gravel bikes, Bikepacking bikes and Touring Bikes. 


Gravel bikes are an evolution from the cyclocross bike (which are essentially mud-racing road bikes for the unfamiliar), but were developed to have improved handling off-road and to be more comfortable on longer rides. They blend some light off road capability into a still very efficient package, making them ideal for trips with a mix of on road and light off road tracks. 


Bikepacking bikes on the other hand are more optimised for gravel and moderate singletrack, and tend to have light or full on MTB tyres, and flat bar set ups with still a fully rigid frame. These bikes are designed to handle better on rougher terrain, and frequently are made of steel for the most durability possible. There are also endless options in terms of how you can build up a bikepacking rig, so if you’re big on drop bars or a Jones handlebar fanatic then we definitely have options for you. Both of the former are designed to be used with bikepacking specific bags predominantly, which attach to your bike directly (no racks!) and are usually made of weather resistant fabrics. This being said, lots of Gravel/Bikepacking bikes come with rack mounting points if that’s what you’re into. 


Touring bikes, on the other hand utilise the more traditional rack-and-pannier set ups for longer, on road journeys. These bikes usually have significantly narrower tyres than the previous two, and also have longer wheelbases, which essentially means that they are more stable rather than sporty in terms of handling, especially when loaded up with all your adventure gear. They also are mainly fitted with drop bars, which offer the biggest variation of different hand positions for extended on road journeys.