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The right folding bike


Your choice of Brompton handlebar will determine your riding position. You can choose from S-Series, M-Series or H-Series. Think of them as Short, Medium or High. Short is great for sportier riders who are used to a down low riding position. Medium is better for those of us who like an upright riding position. High is great for taller people who still want to sit upright. We have all the options in store, so if you’re unsure which to choose, come on down for a free test ride.
Bromptons have either two, three or six gears. For New Zealand riding we recommend the 6 speed, but if you want to keep your bike light and fast for flat city riding then you may prefer the 2 speed for the ultimate in light weight, or the three speed for its versatility and simplicity. We also recommend reducing the gearing by 12% on the 6 speed. This is to make sure you have a nice low gear for hillclimbing and is our default setup on all 6 speeds.
E-type is without mudguards or rack and is great for keeping the bike light and sporty.
L-type includes mudguards but not a rear rack. This is the most common choice for general use and commuting and is therefore our default choice.
R-type includes both mudguards and rack. A great choice for those who wish to carry more luggage or for those who travel or tour frequently.
Brompton has a large range of accessories to kit out your new Brompton. The best way to carry items on your bike is on the front carrier block assembly. This allows you to clip on Brompton luggage quickly and easily. You can also find a toolkit that fits inside the frame and front and rear lights of both the dynamo and rechargeable type. Browse through our Brompton accessories and customise your Brompton.