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Introducing Genesis Bikes

March 31, 2023 3 min read

Bicycle Junction welcomes Genesis Bikes to New Zealand—and we are the sole dealer!

Bikepacking in New Zealand has never been bigger. Thanks largely to the efforts of Ngā Haerenga New Zealand Cycle Trails, the Kennett Brothers, and us Kiwis—who have an impassioned mindset when it comes to a good adventure, it has never been a better time to ride a bike in Aotearoa.

Genesis has a long history of doing things their own way. Whether it is making bikes they want to ride, or commitment to British steel, Genesis Bikes feel right at home in New Zealand. Let’s break them down a little and see if there is a bike here for you.

Genesis Fugio 30

Beyond road, beyond gravel. Rocks, roots, chutes—one flick of the dropper-post lever and they are all fair game. Made from Reynold 725 steel this thing feels bomb-proof. Up front, the fork is full carbon to save a little weight and enhance the ride quality. It has all the fittings and fixtures you would ever need—front and rear racks, three bottle cages, and any sort of bag configuration you can imagine. Where typical bikepacking or touring rigs sport larger 700c wheels and thinner tyres, the featured 650x47 wheelset produces superb grip in all conditions. It feels assured through the corners and more capable on the technical single track often found in New Zealand—this piece of eye candy will have you grinning from ear to ear on your next adventure.

Also available is the Fugio 20

Genesis Longitude

The Longitude feels like a throwback to mid-90s mountain bikes but with modern geometry. Many might question the long and low, enduro-inspired geometry paired with the bike packing rig, but we wouldn’t. Don’t think, just ride. That’s where the true adventure begins. If you’re a mountain biker keen to get into adventure bikes—this is for you. Want a front rack? No problem. Rear rack and mudguard? Yep. Three bottle cages? Check. Fit a pair of slick tyres and turn the Longitude into a no-nonsense commuter or tourer. Ride it on your local trails, or through the whole world. Bike packing is about the long haul—not the sprint—so you’ll want to make decisions that align with that, and this bike ticks all the boxes.


Genesis Croix De Fer 40

This bike is built to go the distance. Developed into a modern classic, Genesis have had over a decade to refine this impressive bike. With the first iteration released in 2009, this bike has conquered the world, literally. In 2010, Vin Cox broke the world record circumnavigating the globe on his Croix de Fer. In little over 163 days he covered nearly 20,000 miles. With the 2x Sram GRX drivetrain you’ll have no problem up the steepest of climbs or getting up to speed on the longest flats. This is your all-road bike touring rig. Built around 700c wheels with a max tyre clearance of 40mm the Croix De Fer will suck up those miles. You won’t be looking for the single-track as often as with the Fugio, but the Croix De Fer is still extremely capable.

Also available is the Croix de Fer 20. A just as capable, lower spec model available in both flat bar and drop bar.

Genesis Vagabond

The Vagabond is a monstercross bike in the loosest sense of the term. Built to bridge the gap between a cyclocross bike and mountain bike, the Vagabond keeps the drop bars while inheriting wider tyres. The Vagabond is your ultimate all-rounder, responding to everything from road, gravel, and touring, respectively. You’ll be out for a spin up Mt Victoria or Brooklyn wind turbine and without fail you’ll end up on chunky singletrack with a big smile on your face. Like all Genesis Bikes, this comes with no shortage of mounting options. The Vagabond strikes an interesting balance between off-road capability and on-road manners—how much you like one or the other depends on you.

We have a range of sizes and models available now, so if you're interested to see what all the hype is about, come take one for a spin! You can also check it out on our web store here.

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