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Winter Essentials

Us commuters are a hardy bunch. And as the saying goes, "There is no bad weather, only bad clothes". Get your good clothes here, as well as lights that meet NZ standard by law and high visibility gear.

Blackburn Grid USB-C F/R combo $75.00
Basil Hoga Jacket $155.00
Giro Xnetic H20 Gloves $100.00
Oxford Reflective Backpack Cover $43.00
Nutcase - Vio Helmet $295.00
Basil Hoga Pants $155.00
Specialized Trail Rain Jacket $250.00
Bellwether Climate Control Glove $60.00
Mac in a Sac Neon II Jacket $120.00
Mac in a Sac Overtrousers $70.00
Brave Backpack Cover Hi-Vis from $25.00
Lezyne KTV Drive Lights $40.00
Blackburn Grid USB-C Front $40.00
Sold out
Blackburn Grid USB-C Rear $40.00
Sold Out
Lezyne Strip Pro Alert Drive $100.00
Lezyne Strip Drive Rear 150 $70.00
Blackburn Dayblazer 125 Rear $80.00
Blackburn Day-Blazer 550 Front Light $75.00
Lezyne Lite Drive 1000XL $120.00
Lezyne Strip Drive 150 Lumens $80.00
Blackburn 2FER USB-C Single $40.00
Blackburn 2FER USB-C Combo 2 Pack $75.00
Lezyne Hecto Drive 500XL $80.00
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