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Tern GSD Sidekick Wheel Guard $65.00
Tern Bag Dry Goods 100% Waterproof 11.2L w/ Klickfix quick release rack mount $280.00
Tern Basket Market Brown Wicker-Look 23L w/Klickfix quick release rack mount $150.00
Tern Captain's Chair G2 $450.00
Sold out
Tern Cargo Tray $160.00
Sold Out
Tern Carryall Trunk For Quick Haul And Short Haul $165.00
Tern Clubhouse Mad Pad $90.00
Sold out
Tern Clubhouse Mini $340.00
Sold Out
Tern Duo Stand $240.00
Sold out
Tern glove box for Quick Haul and Short Haul $120.00
Sold Out
Tern GSD & HSD Cargo Hold 37 Panniers $400.00
Tern GSD & HSD Joyride Bars $125.00
Tern GSD Accessory Cargo Hold Panniers 104L Per Pair $480.00
Tern GSD Cargo Lid Lock $45.00
Tern GSD Clubhouse+ Child Handrail W/ Seatpad G2 $320.00 $460.00
Sold out
Tern GSD G2 Accessory Sidekick Wide Decks $280.00
Sold Out
Tern GSD Hauler rack. $295.00
Tern GSD S10 $8,990.00
Tern GSD Shortbed Tray $220.00
Tern GSD Sidekick Bars $145.00
Tern GSD Sidekick Footpegs $60.00
Tern GSD Sidekick Lower Deck $130.00
Tern GSD Sidekick Seatpad $120.00
Tern GSD Storm Box $340.00
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