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We take pride in creating a well-oiled workplace. We’re a tight knit crew who work together to make our customers' experience as bright as possible. We care about quality in what we do and the products we sell. We believe in hiring enthusiastic, passionate people who understand that it takes a team to create something great. We each come to the table with a particular skill or strength and support each other to succeed.

As a business we have a responsibility to our community to treat people right. For our staff this translates to good rates of pay and a good work environment. We were one of the first 10 living wage accredited businesses in Aotearoa and we continue to be at the leading edge of industry pay-rates and perks. We also invest in the right equipment and resources so you have the tools to do good work.

We’re always on the hunt for people we’d like to work with. It’s not always about a particular role that might need filling; it's usually about finding someone with a particular set of skills or experience that helps to round the business and fill the gaps in what we want to achieve. As we continue to grow we’re on the hunt for those personalities and skills that we want to work with and who want to work with us.

The bike industry is in a golden time when people are reawakening to the beauty of transport by bike. We’ve been at the forefront of cycle transport in Aotearoa for the past 10 years. The next 10 years will see enormous changes in both bike technology and local cycling infrastructure, leading to cycling becoming a primary transport mode for many, if not most urban centres. This is our time and we’d love to work with passionate people who want to bring this change to communities in Aotearoa.


We’re not always looking for a particular person to fill a particular role with a fixed set of skills. Hiring is dynamic and we might find two people with contrasting skills and experience who, together, combine their strenghts make an effective team. So instead we’re looking for attributes, skills and experience that allow us to create a patchwork of talented people who complement each other and can flex between roles.

You may be very strong in just one of these elements or be pretty good at several. The attributes that are most important to us may also change over time depending on our staffing dynamic or the projects we have upcoming. We'd love to hear from you if you have the skills we're looking for and you'd like to work in an environment where your input makes a difference.


We hire from a variety of backgrounds and industries. The beauty of cycling is that you don’t need to be a specialist bike guru - just a person who rides bikes. You might be in another industry wishing to transition or you might just be a Mum or Dad returning to part time or full time work. A common thread might be that you wish to feel part of a small team where your role makes a direct difference to the business, your coworkers and our customers.. You'll also have some skills that can be transferred or translated to what we do.

Hospitality and Tourism. You’re confident when hosting guests and quick to relate and connect with people. You care about authentic customer interaction and helping people feel comfortable and at home. Hospitality is a part of our business and our customer service is based in the idea of serving guests, not customers.

Graphic Design / Photography.Maybe you’re freelance or working for an agency. You care about good visual communication and you love the cause of helping more people to bikes. We aim to create an online image that reflects the quality of products we sell and the care we take to serve customers. Good design and imagery is important for this.

Law and Commerce. - You might have business and communications skills that are valuable in supporting all our moving parts. Perhaps bikes are a satisfying way to put these to good use. Working for a corporate can make you feel like a small wheel in a big machine, with endless justifications for things you'd like to improve. Working in a small team allows a more agile environment, ready to adopt or discuss your ideas.

Technicians. Maybe you currently service computers or lawnmowers or work as an engineer.  You love riding bikes and understand the flow of a workshop and how to be thorough and productive. Our workshop is well tooled and the environment is professional, productive and full of pride in good work. Your attention to detail and quality approach will be valued.

Mums and Dads - You know how to parent and juggle multiple things at a time - you can also offer your first hand experience in carrying kids by bike. You might be looking to start back part-time and you may have had a previous life in another industry that can also be cross-applied. Did we mention the generous staff discounts on cargobikes?