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Cargo Champions Guide

When does the Family Cargobike Trial start?
  • Wednesday 3rd February - I know its tight and I'm a bit late with this info but we're all ready now and once we have the first family group lined up for Wednesday, the rest will roll in.  Dan will take a lead in talking to all the first people to sign up and he will come out with the bike to meet the first family group for each school - schedules permitting.  


What do I need to do?
  • Assist in creating a roster for the half week trials. Generally trials will include one weekend day with a handoff midweek, but there is a degree of flexibility in this. I feel like families need at least two full days riding it their full commute cycle. I think each family group can discuss with the next and agree.  If there are some parents who just want 2 days each there is also no reason why we can't squeeze another family into a week if everyone agrees.
  • Assist in coordination of the handoffs - eg, put parents in touch directly and advise if they will need other equipment such as an additional child seat or monkey bar for children of a certain age. We have written an FAQ about this and how to know which accessories, but it is also something Dan will cover when he speaks to each family before handoff to answer questions.
  • Answer basic questions about the use of the bike, usually from your own perspective as a parent who rides one. eg, how to put it on and off the stand and other tips and tricks. We will also provide the more functional advice such as the3 controls and charging in video format which will be uploaded to our website soon.
  • Be a local point of contact with information about the trial (brochures) who can point people towards to the website signup form and generally be someone familiar who knows a bit about this stuff as a first point of contact.
  • Call, email or meet with parents from your school who have signed up and book them a half week slot.
  • Inform us if the bike requires any servicing. If you get a chance for a weekly test ride check would be helpful - advise if we need to check or service.


What will Bicycle Junction do?
  • We will provide all the information about the trial on our website, including the signup form, competition entry and FAQ articles.
  • We will provide you with brochures about the trial.
  • We will provide a newsletter piece for your school newsletter.
  • We will discuss the program with your school so that they are aware of what's going on.
  • We will forward you details of sign-ups and liaise with you about the roster.
  • We will provide a Spicy Curry with all necessary accessories for the various age groups and numbers of children, and are happy to run through with you how to attach any accessories.
  • We will talk to each participant prior to their trial and answer any questions, discuss security and safety and give accessory setup recommendations.
  • We will assist with any maintenance requirements during the period of the trial.
  • Every Champion will receive a $400 voucher towards servicing at Bicycle Junction (thats a whole new drivetrain ;))


If any questions come up that you are unable to answer, feel free to send them our way. We have created a FAQs page which you can access here, which may be worth having a read so you're on the same page as us. Beyond that, all of the main information you should need can be found here, on our main blog post of the Family Cargobike Trial.


You can also call or email Dan directly on

021 389 389 /


The Below image will be forwarded to your school along with a blurb to go inb the weekly newsletter: