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FAQ: Can I test ride a cargo bike?


You most definitely can! 

A good test ride is most important thing when it comes to finding the right cargo bike for you because all of our cargo bikes are different and they suit different families. It needs to be your decision about what's right for your family. This is the reason that we offer extended test rides so the whole family can decide together.

We will make some suggestions about which bikes are capable of carrying what you need to carry but it is for you to decide from there which suits your family best. Once you will jump on the various bikes you'll quickly get a feel for which one feels right to you. 

We offer extended test rides from Saturday afternoon through to Tuesday. This allows you the opportunity to do a weekend day of recreational riding as well as a full commute cycle, dropping kids off at school and riding to work and back again.

It's very important that you try these bikes where they're going to be ridden (so on your commute and around home, for example), and that everyone is on board with it and has a good go. Both parents and the children, because if it's not going to work for one of them, it's not going to be fun for anyone. So, we encourage anyone to come if you're serious about getting a cargo bike, talk to us and we can arrange an extended test ride.