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FAQ Cargo

Cargo Bikes Basics

A cargo bike is simply a bicycle designed to carry more than one rider and their light baggage, this may be a full week’s shopping, a couple of kids, building materials, a lazy friend, or a combination of all of them. Generally, they are designed to have such high carrying capacities that they can truly act as car replacements in an Urban or Suburban environment.

We carry three main types of cargo bikes. Longtails (like the Yuba Mundo) extend the rear wheel back from the seat and include an integrated cargo rack. Long Johns (like the Larry Vs Harry Bullitt), stretch the front wheel way forward providing a long platform in front of the handlebar that can be loaded any way you like, these offer a great blend of mobility and load flexibility. Cargo trikes (like our Christiania trikes) have three wheels and can carry the most volume of any of our bikes, they also can be ridden more slowly since they don’t need speed to balance, however they are more difficult to ride in higher speed situations.

Most of our true cargo bikes can carry up to 100kg of cargo weight in addition to the rider, so likely your legs will determine how much you can (or want) to take with you. Our team is always happy to chat and discuss how you can carry the loads you’ve got in mind for your new cargo bike.

Cargo bikes are put under very different loads than standard bikes and ours are all built to withstand this abuse. However, when it is time for a tune-up it’ll be important to make sure you use a mechanic experienced with cargo bikes and that they can get the proper replacement parts for your ride. Items like brake pads, chains, and wheels come under considerably more strain than on a conventional bike and should be selected specifically for this task. The team at Bicycle Junction is always about to help you keep your cargo bike running tip-top.

Absolutely. Most of our cargo bikes come with Electric Motors to help you power those heavy loads up hills and into the wind. If you see a model that’s not electric you always have the option of having us install an electric conversion kit to get you powered up.